According to some comments on this wiki they're connected with VoipBuster but they have different FREE countries you can call with their Application

The idea is like Skype where you have your buddies you double click on to talk, but you can dial any number for free just like with VoipBuster

According to a lot of sources, VoipBuster and NetAppel are owned by the same swiss company. adds the folowing free countries for you to call: Belgium,France,Switzerland

Canada,Italy,Netherlands,Portugal and UK have been removed recently

I have not been able to setup IAX or SIP to use them although a ping responds to and

(They have the same IP for the iax.xxxxxx subdomains as voipbuster but different ips for their SIP.xxxxx subdomains but both reside in berlin germany )

Please post your activity success, and failures getting asterisk working with this great service:

Here is the SIP way(IAX doesn't work me :'( ) to pass a call via Netappel:

register =>

Note that is sip.netappel.COM ;)

try to use VoipBusters parameters:
Domain/Realm, SIP Proxy:

it works for voipcheap, so maybe also for netappel?

Setting the same settings as the VoipBuster (but obviously using the username and password the server names of netappel doesn't register.
I get authentication issues, and the IAX setup seems to time out

I am trying this on a free account.
It wouldn't be crazy to assume that you have to do the 5 Euro deposit (which you can do with paypal) before IAX and SIP through your asterisk will work for them.

They are located in Berlin Germany and so if you're in north america (like myself) and making a call to north america the delay is VERY substantial before it connects. and the delay in the conversation (in the packets) is noticeable. But heck it's free

This is contrary to VoipBuster where I have it connected as IAX just fine with my asterisk server.
I do have a funded account on voipbuster (it was only 1 Euro and you can pay with paypal before)

I have a funded 5 Euro account, but it doesn’t change anything with the connectivity of Asterisk to it. Still doesn’t work.

SipDiscount - the same owners of NetAppel & VoipBuster have free phone calls to:
Austria,Canada, Denmark ,Finland, Germany, Greece,Hong Kong,Hungary ,Iceland ,Ireland,Israel,Italy,Japan,Liechtenstein,Luxembourg,Malaysia,Monaco,Netherlands,New Zealand,Norway,Poland,Portugal,Russia,Singapore,South Korea,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,Taiwan,United Kingdom,United States
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