VoIP Intelligent Call Directors

The NetFabric FUS1ON 4:4 and 12:8 Intelligent Call Directors come with basic configuration software that allows the customer to determine how calls are transported - local calls, including urgent E-911 calls, go over the PSTN and long-distance (or any fee based calls) go over VoIP. Business owners can also determine which of their employees need access to incoming and outgoing Caller ID information and Call Log reports. The same configuration software allows the customer to set the Quality of Service (QoS) threshold they want to accept on VoIP calls incase optimal quality is diminished due to problems on the customer's broadband connection to the Internet. If the QoS falls below the threshold set by the business customer, calls are automatically routed over the PSTN until the quality is back to an acceptable level.

Other, more advanced, business applications are also being developed by NetFabric and independent developers that will run on the FUS1ON Intelligent Call Director. These applications will allow smaller businesses to have access to the types of productivity and customer relationship management tools that may previously have been too costly to implement.

Product name: FUS1ON

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