Netvox Technologies

Netvox Technologies, an Indian based IT solutions company stands tall amongst its peers by offering customers the dynamic combination of design and technology that gives its customer greater economic advancements and scalable environment for growth.

With clear vision for growth in the IT, ITES & Business Outsourcing industry, Netvox is charging ahead adding more facets to the existing business solutions focused to IT, ITES industry. Diversifying the existing business portfolio from Call Centre Software solutions, the company has added services and products that include:

• Netvox Progressive Dialers
• Netvox Predictive Dialers
• Netvox IPPBX

IT Infrastructure Management Services
• Help Desk Services
• Desktop Management Services
• Technical Support Services
• Network Management
• Server Management
• Database Management
• Call Centre Management

Business Management Services
• Finance & Accounting Services
• Supply Chain Management
• Knowledge & Legal Services
• Customer Relationship Management
• Human Resource Outsourcing

Having served a wide list of well established customers, Netvox is all set to achieve greater milestones especially focused on clear customer satisfaction and its customer’s growth as its own growth benchmark.

With a Strong team of qualified & experience campaigners, Netvox strives to understand the specifics of the customers’ enterprise and study the challenges of the business in the rapidly changing business environment. An onsite resource model coupled with a keen approach ensures we deliver high quality solutions that are ideal and specific to the customer in question.

Netvox offers software development services that can greatly improve the course of customer business and prides it in offering solutions that are exact in defining and satisfying every customer’s customized needs. With a finger on the pulse of IT market we are aware of the most asked-for services and choose only the proven and well-operating amongst them.

Tested methodologies, innovative processes and a host of global resources ensure the latest in technology ensuring quick ramp ups and turn around results that are useful for outsourced services and tech-support management. At Netvox the focus is on acting on every possible lead to serve customers better. Our diversified section of services offers a varied range of customers the solutions to their every need. And to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves we have enlisted the help of people who are certified by the best in the business.

At Netvox Technologies, we understand the importance of trust and business ethics to achieve mutual and stable ongoing growth. Every customer we approach, we do so, on the assumption of a long-term relationship, and fuel our individual services to our customers with the desire to develop and foster a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship

Value Statements:

Our Mission

At Netvox we strive to add value to our client’s business by providing cost effective-premium quality, client management services, with this we work to achieve the “preferred vendor” identity from each of our client.

Our Vision

“To be recognized as a world-class customer service provider”

Our People

Our single most important asset in our business is our people. We take extra care while bringing in people to our team, which is why every member stands as an integral part of the solid backbone for intra company relationships. We do a lot to foster employee satisfaction and relationship building, which all helps make for a stronger team.

We encourage entrepreneurship and we endeavor to fuel their ambition and drive with innovative individual skill development training programs that include project management, team building drills and soft skill management programs and entrepreneurial programs.
A live and active work culture ensures that a spirit of best practices and optimization of resources to produce best results is prevalent within the organization. Our insistence on a mutually beneficial work culture, effective employee support drives and emphasis on the best practices ensure a corporate environment that services the best with the best.


Netvox Progressive Dialer

An excellent automated dialing solution that enables proactive contact with customers across the world B2B or B2C, Netvox dialer offers customers an increased competency through a blend of high performance and efficient functionality all within a cost effective price tag that caters to the scales required by customers. Giving high productivity & faster turn around time, Netvox Dialers is a combination of advanced yet user friendly technology.

Offering customized information as per the customer’s unique need, the Netvox progressive dialers come in user friendly interface that is modeled on MS windows.

Netvox Predictive Dialer

The Netvox Predictive Dialer system brings you to a higher playing field and standard process of doing business in today's ever changing environment. Netvox Predictive Dialer automates and integrates the contact center where calls are placed through a cohesive universe of predictive outbound, inbound blend, progressive, preview, web based customer interaction or automated dialing. The end result is to keep your agents busy talking to your prospects and customers freeing them from routine tasks and a paper trail to follow. This equates to an increase in the agent's productivity while lowering your operating costs and thus boosting your profits.

Netvox predictive dialers bring in solutions to many business models including computer telephony integration (CTI) applications, customer relationship (CRM), agent interaction and other channels of communications.

Netvox IPPBX

The Netvox IPPBX is a telephony solution ideal for businesses that depend on the Voice over IP (VoIP) for a majority of their processes. The Netvox IPPBX enables fluid transactions at the work place by establishing connections between the telephone sets of two or more users either by hard phone, IP phone or the soft Phone. It enables the users to maintain and carry out the connections for the period of requirement as long as they might be. Low hardware and software cost.

The Netvox IPPBX facilitates optimized control and maintenance by allowing for online monitoring facilities. An advanced set of features that include integration of voice with emails amongst others ensures that the Netvox IPPBX offers the customer a more varied choice of options and uses that an ordinary VoIP

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