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Netweb Group, inc., is a leading provider of telephony solutions worldwide. Netweb Group utilizes PC-to-Phone and Phone-to-phone IP (VoIP) solutions. eezeePhone is a wholly owned service of Netweb Group, Inc. and operates in the following business areas:

  • Marketing of VoIP products and services
  • Software Development for Advanced VOIP Technologies
  • Asterisk Installtions and Support
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How to Upgrade Firmware of our IAX2/SIP phones?:

  • How to configure the IP Phone you have ordered and received from us?

? Find the IP Address of the Phone by pressing the Local IP Button.
? This is the IP Address you will be using to upgrade the firmware.
? Also, Check if your Firmware is already upgraded to 1.4xx.
? If it is already upgraded, check the protocol.
? Normally these phones are upgraded with IAX2 Protocol.
? If you need SIP, upload SIP Firmware to the phone.

  1. Step One ? Download the Firmware and upgrade your Phone. Lates Firmware Version is 1.42 is the place where to download this.
Important : Please download the right firmware Version for your phone, to avoid damaging the phone. X10 firmware will not work for X-100 or Netweb-401 and Vice-Versa.

  1. Step Two - Find the IP Address of the Phone by pressing the Local IP Button. This is the IP Address you will be using to upgrade the firmware.

  • 1. Passwords ? Here are the default Passwords for the IAX Phones you have purchased.


a. Netweb-401, 402, 301, 302
i. User Password= 1234
ii. Admin Password= 12345678
iii. Default Phone IP=

b. Netweb-X10, X12, X100, X120
i. User Password= 1234
ii. Admin Password= 19750407
iii. Default Phone IP=

Step -2 - Find the IP Address of the Phone by pressing the Local IP Button.
2. Use that and open it in a Web browser.
3. Open the Web Page of the Phone and change the ?Debug? list box and set the option to ?No Check?
4. Close the browser

  1. Now Open and Run the PlamTool program contained in the Zip file

5. Click on List Phones and find the IP
Update Program as below
Step -3 ? Upgrade the firmware using the Palmtool provided in the Zip File
5. Some Settings to be modified:
Ring Tone ? Set it to PCMRING- Preferred - Sound of a quick succession 4 ring tone
Silence Suppression ? Don?t enable this
AEC (Auto Error Correction) ? Enable this
NAT ? if you are using SIP and NAT, make NAT=STUN and
How to resurrect the Frozen IP Phone?

If by any chance the firmware upgrade fails, follow the steps below:

1. Power on the IP phone
2. Use one hand press the ? * ? key, keep pressing until the step 7 was finished
3. Power off
4. Power on immediately
5. When a vertical Bar appears, power off again
6. Power on immediately .
7. the symbol * wiil be displayed on the LCD Panel
8. When * appears you can release the finger from ? * ? key.
9. Now the IP address of your ip phone is reset to
10. use the Palmtool to update the firmware again
11. pleaser remember, during the step of 2-7 , you must keep press the ?*? keypad ,until the * appear the LCD Screen.

If you are still in doubt, please see the following:

1. Press and hold * while power up, until you see two bars and a Star (II*) begin to display on your LCD.
2. Power off and do 1 again, after the second time power up, ip phone's default ip address will be reset to Put the IP phone and a Windows PC on the same LAN.
3. Run palmtool.exe on PC. Click On ?List Phones?. This will show all the IP Phones connected in the LAN
4. (Alternately you can try palmtool "Start Debug" button, a debug window will pop us, and if you press key on the ip phone, the key and the ip phone's ip address will be displayed on the debug window. Remember to cancel debug before you close the Palmtool)
5. If your PC's address is not (not on the same LAN), change its tcpip settings to the same LAN.
6. Put (or other default ip) in the palmtool "IP Address on Chip" field

If you are not sure of your phone type, please check the picture of your IP phone with the one on our site at, it will usually help

How to change the display of Logo on the LCD Panel?

  1. Download the eezeephone X100 firmware files to a folder
  2. Run palmtool from the files
  3. Click on "Convert File" Button

This opens another screen

  1. Click On "Browse" and select the x100_iax2xxxx.bin file
  2. Enter the text you want to display in the text box "new Logo" below that
  3. Save the file by clicking "Modify"

This will save the firmware with new string.

  1. Upload this firmware to the Phone by clicking on update Program.

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