New Price Postings

So you Want to Announce your New Prices in this Wiki

Well, that's fine. But, remember, this forum is not your personal FREE advertisement platform.

If you want to put your pricing information on this Wiki, then please start a new Wiki page for it. Don't clutter the front page with a price list as your news announcement.

We welcome vendors that wish to provide INFORMATION as well as price lists. Putting your information on this forums exposes it to almost everyone interested in VOIP.

Now, since you want to provide your information to us, it is important to do so in a manner that demonstrates you respect us as knowledgeable consumers...not sheep that are blindly lead around.

The respect or lack of respect vendors show to this forum provides a VERY good indication how we, as your potential customer, will be treated. If all you plan to do is use this forum for your own benefit, then we will assume all you want from us is our money. If, you make a short announcement about new prices and provide a link to another Wiki page, then you demonstrate that you respect the fact that we have limited time and might not be interested in what you are selling. If we are interested then we will take the time to visit your Wiki page with the new prices.

You must also understand that if we do go to your Wiki page, we are interested in the content, not the flashy, showy way you advertise it (although, good presentation is part of how we evaluate you as a vendor). We like details. We like genuine facts about the product. We like to see the features. We like to see stated or anecdotal information about how the product functions with other products.

Sure, please post the fact that you have new prices. We love to hear that you are doing well enough that you can pass on the benefits to us as price cuts. Just remember that a simple announcement on the front page with a link for more information is much better than multi-colored, bold fonted announcements that leave us thinking you need all that flash because your announcement carries not much weight of its own.

In addition, if there are new prices, why not have a link to that specific page, rather than the home page - unless of course the only intention was to cause someone to trawl through your web page looking for prices which perhaps even aren't listed. | How to add information to this wiki | VOIP Service Providers | VOIP Software | Cheapest ATAs and Service

Created by: chandave, Last modification: Fri 22 of Jul, 2005 (15:56 UTC)
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