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SIP based SBC

Perhaps the First question to answer is: What is a Session Border Controller? This link will take you to a summary of the main functions performed by session border controllers.

The Newport Networks 1460 session border controller is a new breed of IP networking equipment that combines the best of traditional circuit-switched services and the Internet to enable a VoIP provider to capture new revenue more quickly by delivering increased value to their subscribers. Session Border Controllers, are an essential component of the infrastructure required by Service Providers to deliver successful public voice and multimedia services over IP.

NAT traversal for SIP

NAT traversal in a SIP environment is the ability for a SIP call to successfully traverse a NAT (Network Address Translation) device at the border between two networks. Traversal of NAT devices is a problem that SIP, and other VoIP protocols, must overcome if they are to be deployed in a public network. NAT devices perform network address translation between private and public IP networks. SIP clients residing in private networks use private IP addresses in SIP messages which results in the far end SIP signalling and media to be unroutable. Session controllers are designed to overcome NAT traversal issues, amongst other things. Deployed within the carriers network the 1460's Automatic Channel Mapping feature (ACM) allows SIP services to be delivered to large numbers of customer sites, even if there are multiple NAT devices in the access and customer networks. Read a White Paper on solving NAT traversal problems here.

White Papers

Newport Networks has written a number of White Papers on the subject of session controllers, including: NAT traversal, SIP security, and SIP peering. These are freely available on line at and can be viewed on line or downloaded in PDF format.

SIP Security

With all the press activity recently regarding VoIP fraud the security of SIP services has never been so important. We have put together some White Papers that examine different security aspects:
  • SIP Security Start here if you want an overview of the issues.
  • SIP Security and IMS White paper that looks at the issues that Service Providers face in keeping their core network up and running in adverse conditions.
  • IPsec and VoIP Networks White Paper that looks at IPsec and why it won't traverse a NAT. Examines TISPANs selection of UDP encapsulated IPsec to overcome these problems.

Regulatory requirements

The FCC and the EU are mandating VoIP service providers support Emergency Call Handling and Lawful Interception. These papers look at some of the options in addressing these needs:

VoIP Bandwidth Calculation

Calculating how much bandwidth a Voice over IP call occupies can feel a bit like trying to answer the question; "How elastic is a piece of string?" However, armed with a basic understanding of the parts that make up the whole, the question becomes easier to understand. This White Paper examines the process that turns voice into Voice over IP. Also see the on-line VoIP Bandwidth Calculator.

Newport Networks has offices in Caldicot and High Wycombe the UK, and sales and support offices in France, Germany, China, USA and Canada.

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