News Voip Services 2010

  • 2010-12-30 - ZONE Limited - Free calls to Hong Kong and Singapore by using our DID via SIP Trunk service (also help you to apply the 400 China toll free number)

  • 2010-11-17- A-Z Voip Termination TENTEL : International Voip Traffic Termination : Standard Premium and Special routes - Free Signup - Free Trial - Voip Wholesale - Customer Web Interface - Pay as you go system

  • 2010-10-25 -, Bermouda Ltd launches new Online Telephony Platform and calling card services. Our White Label Solutions enable service providers to rapidly deploy Internet Telephony services, without an investment in infrastructure and with cost-effective pricing models to enable businesses to adopt a "pay as you grow" business model. TelecomPal telephony platform is designed exclusively for resellers, together with our channel partners you can start selling high quality VoIP services in minutes.
  • 2010-10-21 - SIPNMS launches SIP server monitoring solution using custom definable scripts with different sip messages (INVITE, OPTIONS, etc). If there is any changes to the system under monitoring SIPNMS will alert using SNMP server or simply send you E-mail Wikipedia, .

  • 2010-09-27 - Fastvoip, a new VoIP provider with very low rates and a nice softphone
  • 2010-09-23 - DISA (Direct Inward System Access) service is provided in miniSipServer V2.10 (dev).
  • 2010-09-11 - Vconnect Hosted IVR service provider in India, pay as you use model. Plans starting as low as Rs.2000/month. KooKoo Cloud IVR based on Vconnect.
  • 2010-09-10 - - VoIP Innovations announces the release of Titanium their premier wholesale VoIP platform.

  • 2010-08-29 - DIDLOGIC - introduces outbound SIP, web callback & PSTN forwarding at carrier rates. No margin to wholesale termination pricing (A-Z).
  • 2010-08-28 - Skype Connect Test Tool is released. You can use the tool to determine how many Skype Connect channels your business network will support.
  • 2010-08-15 - ClicknCall SMS callback is released. You can connect any two phone numbers anywhere in the world by simply sending a SMS to our gateway.




  • 2010-02-21 - Madcom - cheapest phone service in usa release new Unlimited plan for the USA for just $4.95/month using a Softphone or ATA. No contract.
  • 2010-02-13- Nokia VoIP software MobiFlo : Local and International Nokia Voip Software: Register your SIP provider - Free Trial with voicemail and unique virtual number includes pay as you go

  • 2010-1-25 StarTel is selling DDIs from Angola, Brazil and Portugal.The numbers can be redirected to any SIP URI or regular phone number.
  • 2010-1-21 Algeria telecom - algeria telecom now ofer Direct voip route to algeria, a a best price! in adition of that, Algeria DID (09832) (from iristel). are you intairaisted? send a mail to: to manage your carrier relation with algeria telecom
  • 2010-1-19 SendMyCall - SendMyCall now offers virtual phone numbers in more Candaian locations. Alberta,Quebec and many others.
  • 2010-1-13 VoipCents - Highest quality SIP Origination & Termination, DIDs, US/Canada, International, complete compatibility, flexible rates.
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