VoIP-Telegraph to Telephone to VoIP

VoIP has been highlighted as 21st century phone service. This is very true!! Everyone see's it, do you? My family and I have been introduced to VoIP through NexBoom. It is changing our lives as we speak. Isn't it an amazing thing that just a few years ago you had to pay the Bell companies by the minute for your Long Distance-Those DAYS are finally over!!

NexBoom offers many services all backed by an incredible team of leadership. Founders of the company are very reputable and well-know in the Southeast. They have chosen to give everyone superb VoIP service at a LOW FLAT RATE---

Small business-$41.45/month

Also the amazing FlashPhone (portable softphone); that can plug into any computer’s USB port with internet access and you can make a phone anywhere in the world. Great for those of us that travel!! This can be added to your VoIP service for only $9.95/month or can be purchased alone for monthly fee of $32.95!

We have given our customers back the choice of changing their phones features with their own control panel. You can add services, review your call log, change billing information, change passwords, and even forward their phone-All over the internet!! Consumers no longer have to call their carriers to make simple changes or view their billing they have control with just a few mouse clicks!! Oh, and if you decide to move take your phone and number with you!!

VoIP has paved the way for customers to have more control over their communications and decreased their monthly bills significantly! If you haven’t switched to VoIP yet, now’s the time-you are going to have to one day, so why not now?

Why NexBoom?


Does that number mean anything to you? Well, it should. It is the number of IP addresses the communication industry is allotting for the next wave of new gadgets and Internet based services that will be flooding into the mainstream. And with this number comes the reality that in the next few years, everything we use on a daily basis--including phones, computers, entertainment devices--will all be Internet -based technologies that you can customize and take with you wherever you go.

Now wouldn't you like to have a piece of that action?

NexBoom decided to give the average American the ability to capitalize on one of the biggest transfers of wealth in history!! Please view the video presentations on our site to learn how you or someone you know, with the drive to be their own boss, can take their deserving piece of the pie!! The analogy has been made that the transfer from landline phones to VoIP is like going from the Telegraph to the Telephone. It is unbelievable that we are taking part in this history changing phenomenon!!

The following are some very powerful statments made by the FCC chairman you may want to hear...
“VOIP will irreversibly alter the world of communications.�

“VOIP is the most significant paradigm shift in the entire history of modern communications since the invention of the telephone.�

- Michael-Powell-FCC Chairman, July 2004

NexBoom's Website

Here are a couple of blogs that I have done about NexBoom and VoIP
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