Nitsuko 124i - 384i VM T1

Working on Asterisk 1.4 Integration with a Nitsuko 384i PBX, replacing a NVM-2000 Voicemail

Currently have a crossover T1 from a Sangoma A102 into the 384i. Supposed to be just E&M Wink, but I had to use signalling=featd to get it to work.
This works, but doesn't produce a dialtone on the 384i for outside lines (missing feature of DAHDI)
Having a tech come out to switch Nitsuko 384i card over to a PRI interface, this is apparently just a jumper change.

PRI Trunk between Asterisk and Nitsuko is working without a problem. Nitsuko doesn't send any outbound callerid information.

Current config : Nitsuko — PRI --> Asterisk — E&M Wink — > Telco
I had to set callprogress=yes and progzone=us in chan_dahdi.conf for the E&M Wink channel. Otherwise the PRI didn't seem to get call progress information and busied out the line after 4-5 rings. I was getting a t310 timer issue on the PRI until I made this change on the E&M Wink line.
Also had to set TDMV_HW_DTMF to No in my wanpipe.conf for both the PRI and E&M lines, otherwise I was getting duplicate dtmf tones on inbound calls, which was messing up the nitsuko ivr.

Researching replacing the NVM-2000 voicemail attached to the 384i.
Default Password for NVM-2000 is CTL
Looks like MWI (Message Lamps) is triggered using the following strings
Message Lamp On
- #XXXNN (XXX is the extension, NN is the number of messages)
Message Lamp Off
- #XXX00 (XXX is the extension)

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