Nortel BCM Interoperability

This page has been posted as a repository for BCM users that might be trying to interoperate a BCM to other platforms.

I have had limited sucess in getting a BCM to interoperate with othet platforms.

The primary BCM devices -

It would seem that BCM interconnectivity comes in two Flavours:

Hardware based
T1/E1/Pri lines
Analogue "Gateway" connectivity

Software Based

T1/E1/Pri lines
Using this method, the installation of a Primary rate card into the BCM (called a Digital Trunk Module DTM)
Installation of a Primary Rate card into the "other host" (asterisk etc)
a "Primary Rate" crossover cable is built (simple to do) and plugged between the devices
The the calls are routed between the devices to communicate

Analogue Circuits
Digital to Analog convertor - 1 line only
Using a Nortel "convertor", it might be possible to convert one digital circuit from a BCM Digital Station Module (DSM) to analog.
Now there is an "analog" line that can be connected to something else.
I have not tried this method

Analog Trunk Circuit - multiple lines (8. 16, 32)
Using a BCM General Analog Trunk Module (GATM), will allow analog "lines" to be connected between devices.
Once done, analog stations from a differnt host will be able to be used for trunking.
This works - but be aware, it will be bound to PSTN dial/teardown rules. If the call is dropped - there will be a period of time (seconds) when the BCM will notice the line is dropped.

Software Solutions
This part need a lot of work. I cannot find ANY detail where someone has actually done this with any detail.
there are lots of links that people have used to do it.
I have sucessfully connected a BCM to a TRIXBOX (asterisk) host.

as in sip

telephone Interoperability.
The i20xx handsets that work with a BCM device - they are proprietory and use a UNISTIM protocol to communicate (so won't work with SIP/H323 providers).
there is a way to get these handsets to work with Asterisk.
I haven't tested it personally, but there are plenty of links that show it works.
It will (may) require manipulation of code on an asterisk host.
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