Nortel BCM Interoperability SIP and TRIXBOX

In this example, I set up a Trixbox ( to a BCM400 ( using SIP.

BCM400 setup:
i2004 phone connected as Ext3100
License - VoIP 2 Trunk (allows SIP and H323 trunks)

Verson 2.2 running on VMwareServer 1.0.3
Ip address
One Xlite SIP client connected as EXT4556

    • PABX Configurations**
  • Trixbox
Trixbox SIP Trunk:
Outbound Caller ID: 4500
Dial Rules: 31XX
Outbound Peer Details:
trunkname: BCM400-SIP
No incomming or registration settings.

Trixbox Route Setup:
Routename: BCM400
DialPattern: 31XX
Trunk: BCM400-SIP

BCM Configuration:
Resources/telephony resources/Ip trunks
Routing Table
name: Trix
Destination Digits: 5
Destination IP:
GW Type = Other
GW Protocol = None
VoIP Protocol = SIP

Telephony/Dialing Plan/Routing/Routes
Route: 004
Use Pool: BlocA

Telephone/Dialing Plan/Routing/Destination Codes
Destination code: 4
Normal Route: 004
Absorbed Length: all

Created by: aususer, Last modification: Thu 22 of Nov, 2007 (03:51 UTC)
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