OSP - Multi-Lateral VoIP Peering

OSP leverages Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services to enable, secure multi-lateral peering among anonymous VoIP peers. OSP is an ETSI standard for VOIP networks to exchange billing, QoS, and routing information.

Open Source OSP Peering Servers
  • OpenOSP OpenOSP, created by Cisco Systems, Inc., is an open source, reference implementation written in C.
  • RAMS RAMS is a java based, open source OSP server.

Open Source OSP client
  • OSP Toolkit The OSP Toolkit, a mature open source project written in C, has been integrated into many commercial and open source VoIP products.

OSP Specification

Free OSP peering server Download a free version pf the TransNexus commercial OSP peering server.

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