OSS VoIP Users Group SiliconValley USA

Informal Meeting the Second Wednesday of every month at Dana Street Coffee Shop in Mountain View California at 6PM.

Just started a yahoo group for this temporarily until I get a web page up:

Yahoo Group Info:

Description: This group meets to discuss open-source VoIP software and related technologies. We use Asterisk, SER, VOCAL, Bayonne, OPAL, YAST, and other OSS VoIP software. Discussion is limited to this software and anything you could connect to it, which doesn't limit things much. ;)

Group name: ovug

Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ovug (NOTE: This Yahoo group no longer exists as of September 2005.)

Group email: ovug@yahoogroups.com (NOTE: No one responded to an email sent to this address in November 2004.)

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