Ozeki XML (OzML) is an XML language that uses predefined commands.
These commands are used in response to the notifications coming from the PBX.
OzML is for developers who like communicating through API.
You can use OzML API for developing VoIP applications as IVR, Autodialer,
and Appointment reminder.
Its advantage is that it is simple, and everything can be solved with it if the application
is connected to the PBX.
OzML is well-documented and programs can be written to it in various languages.
It can send e-mails and sms messages, record the voice of a call, play an audio file,
handle DTMF, terminate a call in progress or transfer calls during the conversation.

See also:

OzML Commands: http://www.ozekiphone.com/voip-ozml-254.html

OzML IVR: http://www.ozekiphone.com/voip-ozml-1122.html

OzML Appointment reminder: http://www.ozekiphone.com/voip-ozml-1123.html

OzML Autodialer: http://www.ozekiphone.com/voip-ozml-1124.html
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