The WorldGate Ojo is a SIP Broadband H.264 Videophone (formerly branded/distributed by Motorola). There are currently two models:

Despite it's use of open standards, there is no documented way to integrate it into an Asterisk SIP environment. The only way of currently using an Ojo is by subscribing to a $15 USD monthly service offered by Worldgate.

One firsthand account described on the Asterisk-users mailing list on June 10th, 2006
We purchased several Ojos a couple weeks ago and are about to send them back. There is no documentation about using them with systems other than the Motorola Ojo service. When you call their technical support line, they can't help you, but will put you in touch with someone in sales to discuss. I finally went all the way to the VP of sales who put me in touch with one of Worldgate's (the company that makes the Ojos) tech support engineers. As it appears, all of the Ojos are set to ONLY use their service, and will require that they allow you certain access to their servers to change settings on the Ojo. This included settings such as SIP server, etc. After that I was informed that I would need to talk to the VP of sales to discuss opening that, and am still awaiting his call. The tech support engineer did tell me that later revisions will be user configurable with DHCP options, etc, but the existing ones are not. I'll buy them again when they do open support for that.

Please update this page if it becomes possible to integrate Ojo devices within an Asterisk environment.
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