Oktell VoIP-GSM software gateway

Oktell VoIP (SIP)-GSM —

multi-channel gateway for communication between GSM and VoIP, supports USB GSM modems



Docking with the GSM network by installing USB modems (Huawei E1550). Application gateway provides unlimited scalability and allows you to create any computer running Windows multichannel solutions by setting the required number of USB devices.

IP channel programs can be registered to SIP server provider of IP telephony, service provider VoIP, any SIP device that supports the possibility PBX server, as well as all known software solutions, including the most popular Asterisk, 3CX, Oktell.
Using Oktell SIP-GSM gateway with software communications platform Oktell allows intelligent call routing, to build voice menus (IVR), recording conversations, statistics and other additional functionality.

To save on long-distance call
The company's managers, who are outside the office can from your mobile phone to call the number SIM card installed in the gateway. Oktell sip-gsm gatway redirect their call to the corporate IP-based network and they can talk to any office and any officer connected to the network, in any city and any country.

To connect your mobile phone to an internal numbering plan
Mobile staff through Oktell SIP-GSM gateway can be registered at the office IP PBX as an internal IP telephone. If the caller phoned the company and dialed internal number of the desired employee, the employee will call on a mobile phone. Answering the call, that employee will, if necessary to switch it to another internal number of the office telephone network.


For private use
Oktell SIP-GSM gateway can register at the service SIPNET or any other IP provider, providing voice services to data networks. By calling the number set in the gateway SIM card, the system redirects the call to the specified number of IP networks, or ask to enter the number you pass in the IP network to connect to the desired number.

You may download free version of Oktell SIP-GSM Gateway (only one modem supported)

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