OmniSession is an innovative, future-oriented software-telephone („softphone“, no hardware components) for your PC. OmniSession enables Triple Play as optimized communication all in one and shatters innovation barriers:

  • Voice: Telephone calls with conferencing to other software-telephones (up to 10) as well as (w. adapter/gateways) from and to regular telephones
  • Video: Video-calls (selectable window size)
  • Collaboration: Whiteboard and desktop collaboration (exchange of screen segments between partners)

This integration of voice, data and video into a unified system accelerates many work procedures and enables a more flexible work place design.


OmniSession offers

  • Security against listening-in: via end-to-end encryption of all calls
  • Compatibility with the future-proof Internet Protocol IPv6
  • Universal Instant Messaging Platform for short messages between OmniSession and MSN Messenger, AOL, Yahoo!, Google and ICQ
  • Simple incorporation of existing address records into the OmniSession phone book
  • TAPI Integration for MS Outlook (next update)
  • Video Conferencing (next update)

OmniSession currently runs on Windows (2000/XP/Vista) as well as on PDAs under Windows Mobile (next update). New features are continuously added.

Please visit our web site at for more information.

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