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OnSIP hosts cost effective VoIP services for small and medium sized businesses. Instead of delivering widely used communications applications through expensive on-site phone hardware and software, applications such as extension dialogues, voice mail servers, conference bridges and auto attendants are presented as nonmanagement services. Various services, including the ones mentioned above, can be easily added or removed as needed. This platform offers a hosted PBX service that never charges per-user fees, so business can add or delete users as needed with no extra charge. The hosted PBX service allows calls to be routed based on tailored rules that are easily set up through the Internet portal. Virtual PBX phone numbers are available throughout 48 of the United States.

OnSIP History

OnSIP is actually a spinoff from the business communications veteran Junction Networks, that built this platform from scratch without a dependency on licensed components or proprietary third party software. It's no surprise, then, that OnSIP is the leading open SIP platform for the next generation of business communications. The free my.OnSIP app makes business communication easy by bringing together call control and conducting IM with coworkers in favorite web browsers. Businesses can also make and receive HD calls be notified through a presence icon when coworkers are available for call or chats, and listen to and manage their voice mail inbox from their browser.

Why OnSIP Stands Apart from the Competition

The first difference businesses will notice right away when comparing OnSIP's communications services with many of its rivals is that it does not charge per user or extension license fees. The majority of hosted PBX services charge a license fee of up to $50 or more per user or extension. Since OnSIP pays no license fees to proprietary platform vendors, the money OnSIP saves is passed onto their business clients in the form of a flexible, user-license free service. For example, businesses using conference room phones simply pay for the services they use and the calls they make or receive.

The OnSIP Open Network Philosophy

The majority of hosted PBX services also dictate to their clients to only use their proprietary phone brands or only use specific equipment. However, OnSIP has no such stipulations. OnSIP leaves these types of decisions to the business. A business can even trade-in their old VoIP phones to OnSIP. The suite of OnSIP services keeps expanding and includes advanced features such as click-to-call integration with a website, and business hours routing voicemail-to-email notifications and more.

The Impact of Hosted VoIP

Because OnSIP offers hosted VoIP, a business is taken care of from every aspect by receiving a VoIP phone system with OnSIP's equipment, their servers and services. Additionally, businesses don't need to worry about downloading software or buying costly hardware. OnSIP's equipment, routes business calls over the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to their hosted VoIP PBX system.

OnSIP's pay-as-go plans save businesses thousands of dollars annually since customers can add extensions up to 10 extensions for free, especially for businesses expecting to expand in a short period of time. OnSIP can seamlessly port your number from your current provider. Since each component of the OnSIP services are hosted separately on a range of servers, daily business operations are always running without developing issues.


OnSIP is a business phone service offers better features, flexibility, and cost than traditional phone systems. It's VoIP Business service was designed for one or multiple office locations with an average of 5-50 staff members.

OnSIP's hosted PBX allows calls to be routed based on customized rules which are easily set up through the web portal. This system allows users to leverage services such as voicemail, auto-attendant, and extension dialing that can be easily added or removed. Virtual PBX phone numbers are available throughout the US 48 States and they can seamlessly port your number from your current provider. With OnSIP, a business investment actually costs less per user that has more features and flexibility. OnSIP offers two simple pricing plans for a simple decision: The Pay As You Go Plan and The Per Seat Metered Plan.

The Pay As You Go Plan is perfect for businesses who want to pay for a minimum set of features and for the calls they make. Prices start at $49.95 per month. The minimum Pay As You Go Plan features:

  • 5 included Voicemail Box (& VM to Email)
  • 3 included Auto Attendants
  • 3 included Ring Groups
  • 1 Dial by Name Directory
  • 1 include Announcements
  • 5 included Music on Hold Channels
  • Unlimited OnSIP InstaCall

Additional Pay As You Go Features per month prices are:

  • Voicemail Box (& VM to Email)$ 2.00
  • Music On Hold Channel and Announcements $ 4.95
  • Auto Attendants,Enhanced Music on Hold, On Net Conference Suite, Busy Lamp Field $ 19.95
  • Ring Groups, Smart Queue Agent, InstaPhone for Salesforce, Call Parking $ 14.95
  • Dial by Name Directory and Simple Queue Agent $ 9.95
  • On Net Conference Suites for $5 each when bought in packages of 10.

Pay As You Go Calls Per Minute Charges:

  • Standard Inbound Calls 2.9 ¢
  • Inbound Toll-Free 3.9 ¢
  • On-Network Calling Free
  • Phone Number Arrangements
  • Phone Numbers $7 setup, $2/month after
  • Number Porting $15/number
  • 25 Simultaneous calls per number

The Per Seat Metered Plan requires a minimum of 5 persons and delivers industry leading value by giving each seat their own voice mailbox & VM to email, auto attendant, ring group, and much more at $8.95 per month. Features includes:

  • Free On Net Calling (one per seat)included
  • Dial by Name Directory
  • Announcement
  • Music On Hold Channel
  • Busy Lamp Field
  • Call Parking
  • Enhanced Music On Hold
  • Business Hours Routing
  • OnSIP InstaCall
  • Advanced Call Handling
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Mobile Extensions
  • Simulring (up to 10 phones per Person)
  • Video Calling
  • Unified Communications Web App
  • Outlook & Browser Click-to-Call Plugins
  • On Net Conference Suite Package
  • On Net Conference Suites for $5 each when bought in packages of ten.
  • Standard Outbound Calls2.9 ¢/ minute
  • Extended Calling Area Variable
  • On-Network CallingFree
  • E911 $1.80 / month per seat
  • Number Porting $15 / number
  • Unlimited Outbound Call Limit

Bulk Minutes Bundles (Inbound & Outbound):

  • 300,000 Minutes / month 5% off
  • 500,000 Minutes / month 10% off

Over 40,000 businesses around the world use OnSIP. Compared to other business phone service providers, OnSIP is the most affordable solution for companies that don't want to pay per user, seat, extension, or phone with costs averaging $16.78 monthly based on a 15 seat business.

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