Oodium is a wholly-owned division of Tridacom Technologies Corporation, a Canadian-based Reasearch, Development and Technology firm. The Oodium brand was established by the principals of Tridacom Technologies in order to provide a low-cost innovative phone solution for consumers and business alike. Unlike most phone companies who charge business users more for the exact same service as a consumers, we believe that businesses and consumers should be treated as equal so we pass on our amazing rates to both consumers and businesses.

With Oodium you can call around the globe using your mobile or landline phone! Unlike most low cost providers, you don’t need to dial lengthy calling card pins or require software and a headset. Use your existing mobile or landline phone with our easy to use service.

Services Offered:

Oodium Local Access
With Oodium Local Access, saving money on long distance and international calling has never been easier. This service is very similar to a calling card, however there is no need to go down to your local store and purchase it nor is there the need to dial any long secret access pins in order to access the service.

Oodium WebCall
With Oodium WebCall, we've made it even simplier to dial those long distance and international calls while saving money! With this unique service, we allow you to simply log in to your account from our website and click to call your favourite contacts or enter the number you wish to call. It's so simple and it can be used absolutely anywhere that you have access to a phone line.

Oodium MobileCall
Got unlimited inbound minutes on your mobile phone and a data plan? We can now save you even more money on your cell phone bills with our MobileCall feature. From any registered mobile phone, you can login to your account from your mobile web browser. Within a matter of a single click, you can start saving. Outbound calls from your cell phone can be expensive whether they be local, long distance or international calls. With this feature we change all that! Turn your outbound calls in to an inbound call saving you money on your mobile phone.

Contact Information:

  • Website: http://www.oodium.com
  • Email: info (at) oodium (dot) com
  • Telephone: +1 289-479-5315
  • Fax: +1 905-994-7006


If you are interested in becoming a Reseller, please contact us. We are currently looking for resellers worldwide.

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