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4 Users Reviewed Ooma

I've been an Ooma Fan since 2013 and highly recommend it!

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Ooma has saved us $1600 since we started using the residential service in 2013. The service came highly recommended from a collegue and now I highly recommend it to others as well. This service allows you to use all your existing phones in the house, or they have their own handsets with a few bells and whistles. I also use the Bluetooth service so that my cell phone can remain upstairs while I work in my basement office. I just have a house phone next to me and it rings a different ring pattern when it is a cellular call coming in. Great feature! The dashboard is great as well. Lots of choices and info. Overall just very happy with the product ! My wife and I use their premium service during election years so that we can use the blacklist service. It works wonders with all those annoying political calls

Works great in our home - Ooma

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I am one of those people who needs to have the peace of mind of having a landline at home. Even though our entire family has cell phones, I like knowing we have a landline in case we need it. Ooma was a great choice for us as it was simple and easy to set up, and the monthly fee is so small we hardly notice it. Definitely recommend it for home use

Ooma is a life saver

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I am a little bit old-fashioned in that I like to have landline phone service at home, and not rely completely on my cell phone. With cell phones getting as popular as they are, it makes less and less sense to keep paying monthly for residential phone service. Having found Ooma, I no longer have to pay for monthly phone service now that I have purchased the device. I would recommend Ooma to anyone who just wants to pay once and then have free phone service indefinitely

Not Good

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Voice quality is Horrible, stops and goes, lags, people can't hear me, etc. Called tech support and they say that "Maybe" my Ping and Jitter are to low. Ping is 28 to 35 and Jitter is 6 to 12, Time Warner, my internet provider says that those numbers are ok for VOIP I bought my Ooma box in October and service has been bad ever since. Would not recommend to anybody

Ooma Office Review

Whether your company consists of more than 100 employees or less than 10, the ability to convey your professionalism at all times is absolutely crucial. Your customers make your business and communication is key. In the past, sophisticated multi-line phone systems were very expensive, particularly with all of the added features that give a business that professional edge. Now, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems have taken this industry by storm, providing communications solutions that are not cost prohibitive, even to the smallest of businesses.

Ooma Office is an outstanding system that is specifically designed for very small businesses. For a fraction of the cost of other VoIP systems, Ooma allows your small business to portray an image that is every bit as professional as that of large corporations.


While many other providers require special (and pricey) phones and other equipment, Ooma can be used with any type of phone—even analog — so you’re able to use whatever existing equipment your company may have.

The Ooma system consists of a base unit and Linx devices. These devices are used to connect additional phones to the system wirelessly. Up to 4 Linx devices can connect to each base unit. This setup gives you the ability to connect multiple devices for a very low cost.


Setting up the Ooma system takes only a few minutes once you’ve got the hardware. The simplicity of the initial setup is one of the many features that make Ooma such a great option for small businesses. These simple steps are all it takes to get your Ooma Office VoIP system all set up and ready to go:

  • Log in via the Ooma website
  • Enter your 7-digit activation code (found on the bottom of the base unit)
  • Provide your contact information
  • Create a login and a password
  • Enter the physical address for 911 calls

Once you’ve completed these initial steps you will move on to choosing your new main business phone number. If you have an existing number you plan to transfer, you can get started with a temporary number. Otherwise, you’ll have the option of selecting from toll-free or local choices. Next, click “activate” to proceed with setting up your Ooma system. It takes only a few more steps to get everything up and running:

  • Click "activate" to initiate setup
  • Connect your base unit to your high-speed modem
  • Plug the base unit into a power outlet
  • Connect a phone to the base unit

Watch the base unit for a few moments and when the light turns blue, you’re ready to begin making (and receiving) calls.

Connecting additional phones is just as simple. First, connect the Linx wireless device by plugging it into a power outlet and holding the page key down for 3 seconds. You’ll see the blue light again when the system has recognized the Linx and you can then move this Linx to another part of the office and connect another phone to it. This entire process takes less than 20 minutes total.

Once you have all of the phones that you’d like to use set up and in place, personalizing the system is extremely easy. Ooma’s online portal allows you to log in and personalize your entire phone system through their user-friendly interface. Unlike many communications systems, Ooma doesn’t require any special training or expertise to use. This means that you can perform updates and make changes yourself and you can do so at any time right over the computer.

The Customer Care Experience

Another impressive feature of Ooma is the exceptional level of customer service they provide. No matter how user-friendly any system is you’re sure to have a question or need a bit of additional help at some point. Ooma’s customer service representatives are extremely pleasant to deal with and helpful in answering specific questions or troubleshooting any issues you might experience. In fact, they provide the same outstanding level of service both over the phone and through their online chat support. The Ooma support staff is quick and responsive even when communicating through email. You can even expect to receive follow-ups to ensure that you’re getting everything you need from this service.

Even Ooma’s website offers excellent resources for customers. You can find helpful information in the form of frequently-asked-questions, video tutorials and step-by-step assistance for troubleshooting whatever issues you may have. Every aspect of the customer experience with Ooma is focused on satisfying your needs in an effective, timely and positive manner.


Ooma Office offers a wide variety of features that allow your small business to display the utmost professionalism. These are just a few of the many features available for your utilization:

  • Virtual Receptionist – This feature literally means that you can free up an employee who would otherwise use valuable time just answering phones and transferring calls. The standard way to use this feature is by typing your desired greetings and allowing the system’s text-to-speech technology to convert your writing into speech. You can then choose between a male or female voice as well as choosing either a US or British accent. Alternatively, Ooma allows you to record and upload your own greetings so that you can have your own voice playing the part of the receptionist. Files can be upload in .wav and .mp3 formats and can be up to 5MB in size. In addition to answering and directing calls, your virtual receptionist can provide other business, like your hours of operation, directions to your location and even different prompts that play when you’re closed. This highly customizable feature is an incredible tool that is helpful for your customers as well as for you.

  • Ring Groups – With this feature, you can group your employees by department. For example, you might have separate groups for your sales department and your shipping department. You can customize this option by choosing whether calls routed to each department ring simultaneously or in a specific sequence. In other words, you can set up your groups so that your top salesperson receives the call first; then, if that person is unavailable, the call will move down the line in whatever way you specify. For your shipping department, you might prefer to have all phone lines ring so that the call can be answered quickly by whichever employee is able to get there first.

  • Virtual Extensions & Call Forwarding – Mobility options allow your employees to remain productive, whether they’re in the office, on the road or working from home.

  • Voicemail to Email – Business happens 24 hours a day, and Ooma gives your employees the ability to receive voicemails via email so they can listen to them even when they’re not near a phone.

  • Conference Calls – As many as 10 users can participate, giving you the flexibility to conduct meetings with out-of-the-office employees or clients.

  • Hold Options – Select music or company messages for callers to hear when they’re placed on hold.

For small businesses, these features can really set your company apart. Flexibility, customization and tools that increase productivity give you the ability to truly cater to all of your clients’ and employees’ needs.


Getting started with Ooma Office will initially require one-time hardware costs in addition to the cost of monthly service. The initial hardware cost will vary depending on the number of employees that will be using the system. The basic equipment starter cost is $249.99. This includes one base unit and 2 Linx devices. Ooma does offer promotional discounts regularly, which typically discount this price by $50.

Service runs $19.98 per month for one phone number with one user. Additional phone numbers can be added for an add-on fee of $9.99 per month. Additional users can be added for $9.99 per month as well. Most small businesses need only one main phone number with multiple extensions for employees. For example, if there are 5 employees in your business who will each need their own extension, the cost will be about $70 per month ($20 + $10 per extension). The incredible thing about this pricing structure is that it includes 15 virtual extensions that can be used for employees who do not work in the office. With these extensions, customers can connect with your employees’ home or mobile phones.

Internet fax and conferencing also incur an additional fee of $9.99 (each) per month. Calls within the US are unlimited for the monthly base fee. If you opt to have a toll-free number, 500 minutes of inbound calling is included; additional minutes run 3.4 cents each.

With the incredible variety of professional options Ooma provides, it’s much simpler and much more cost effective than other services out there. For businesses with only a handful of employees, Ooma is the perfect choice for a VoIP provider that has tons of bells and whistles for a fraction of the price. You can even give Ooma Office a try with a 30-day risk-free trial to ensure that this service meets your business needs. We believe you’ll find that the professional features, low cost and ease-of-use make this service an ideal choice for your small business.

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