Ooma vs magicJack Plus

Ooma and magicJack are two residential alternative VoIP services. Most VoIP providers charge a monthly fee, either based on minute usage or by a flat rate.

Ooma and magicJack are similar services that both claim they don’t charge monthly fees. While magicJack started as a PC add-on, Ooma devices (Telo and Hub) are analog telephone adapters. The magicJack PLUS 2014 device is also an ATA.


Both Ooma (Premier) and magicJack PLUS 2014 offer free trials. While Ooma has no direct monthly fee, there are taxes due every month that amount to about $3.50 per month. MagicJack, on the other hand, has an annual fee of $29.99.
Each device has an initial cost. The Ooma Telo costs $199.99. The magicJack Plus’ retail cost is $49.95, which includes the first six months of service free.

Ooma - $199.99 for Ooma Telo device, $3.50 in taxes and fees a month
MagickJack PLUS 2014 - $49.95 initial, then $29.95 yearly, or $19.95 per year if purchased with a 5-year service plan


Features of each device are largely comparable. 3-way calling on Ooma only comes with Premier ($119.99 a year). Certain features on the Ooma are restricted with the Ooma Hub device, such as the online phonebook.

Both Ooma and magicJack Plus have free in-network calling. Both services have international calling at low VoIP rates.

MagicJack PLUS 2014 Features

  • works without a computer, ATA
  • unlimited calling within US/Canada
  • call waiting, 3-way calling, caller ID
  • call forwarding
  • voicemail, voicemail to email
  • call back to the US/Canada free when abroad
  • e911
  • number porting ($19.95)
  • iPhone app

Ooma Features

  • unlimited calling within US/Canada
  • caller ID, call waiting
  • voicemail
  • take anywhere
  • e911
  • number port ($39.99)
  • online call history

Note on International Use

From Ooma's FAQ:

The Ooma system can be used anywhere there is a high-speed Internet connection. Regardless of where you use it, calls to the US will be free and calls outside the US will be subject to low-cost international rates. If you plan to use the device overseas, be sure to use a phone that meets US standards, and be aware that the power supply that comes with the Ooma Hub is built for US power specifications. Also, if you choose to install and use the Ooma system outside the US, you'll be solely responsible for compliance with international laws and subject to all associated fees, taxes, tariffs, and legal penalties.

Technology & Requirements

MagicJack requires a minimum bandwidth upload speed of 128 kb/s. Ooma only specifies cable, DSL or fiber-optic Internet connections.

A magicJack PLUS 2014 device can plug into either a computer via USB or to the wall, router, and phone, or use a WiFi connection. Ooma Telo is similar, plugging into a router and regular telephone.

MagicJack PLUS 2014 does not require a phone to function; it is primarily advertised as an ATA. MagicJack PLUS 2014 can use a computer and softphone, but the computer must be on to receive calls.

Ooma Telo and Ooma Hub require a telephone or handset of some kind. Ooma sells its own handsets for Telo.


Current users of magicJack cannot use their current device for magicJack Plus. A new Plus device has to be purchased.

In the case of Ooma, either Ooma Telo or Ooma Hub can upgrade to Premier without switching to a new device.

The Verdict

The magicJack PLUS 2014 device is cheaper, smaller, and easier to set-up than the Ooma line of devices. The magicJack service also comes with a free iPhone and Android app, and the magicJack PLUS 2014 device works over WiFi. We recommend the magicJack PLUS 2014.

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