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The OpenH323 project aims to create a full featured, interoperable, Open Source implementation of the ITU H.323 teleconferencing protocol that can be used by personal developers and commercial users without charge.

OpenH323 development is coordinated by an Australian company, Equivalence Pty Ltd, but is open to any interested party. Commercial and private use of the OpenH323 code, including use in commercial products and resale, is encouraged through use of the MPL (Mozilla Public license).


As of 09/22/2003

Program Description Version
PWLib Multi-platform class library v1.5.2
OpenH323 H.323 class library v1.12.2
OPAL Open Phone Abstraction Library (aka OpenH323 v2) v2.0.0
OpenPhone GUI based H.323 client. v1.9.1
OhPhone Command line H.323 client. v1.4.1
OpenMCU H.323 conference server. v1.1.7
OpenAM H.323 answering machine. v1.1.17
OpenIVR H.323 IVR (Interactive Voice Response). v1.0.4
OpenGK H.323 gatekeeper. v1.3.4
PSTNGw H.323 to PSTN gateway v1.2.2
T38Modem H.323 fax (T.38) client. v0.6.2
CallGen323 H.323 call generator v1.2.6

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