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Billing Systems

This page lists Open Source Billing systems.

BillRun Cloud

An open-source, scalable billing solution designed for big data, handles highly-intricate billing, supporting any data structure or VoIP switch technology. Enabling intuitive, flexible configuration of all your billing needs, BillRun Cloud offers startups and SMBs an affordable billing system that utilizes the latest scale-out technologies - for seamless scale-out as your business grows from the first day of operation, through handling billions of calls a day.

Designed with open-source architecture, BillRun accesses complex rating and charging engines and automatic invoice generators, providing near real-time processing of data.

Pricing packages and promotions can be customized instantly for both Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers. Using BillRun’s flexible billing solution you can adapt to rapidly-changing markets - essential for the dynamic needs of young companies and service providers.

Requiring no entry fees, BillRun enables early-stage companies to focus their resources towards acquiring customers and expansion, saving considerable time and costs, and gaining a fully-modular, feature-rich billing solution at a fraction of the cost of old, inflexible systems.

Scroll down to “BillRun” to see all features of this billing solution, or visit

General purpose systems

Asterisk2Billing (A2Billling):

A2Billing, combined with Asterisk is a physical Telecom Platform and Soft-Switch providing a wide range of telecoms services using both traditional telephone technology or VoIP. It contains a real time billing engine which rates and bills and invoices calls, and supports payment gateways.

This now gives any Telecom company a very good reason to consider the A2Billing Platform over the traditional offerings for TDM and VoIP Soft-Switches as well as wholesale billing.


A2Billing can be used in a number of different roles, and our consultancy services can advise on the appropriate hardware and configuration of your Switch.

  • Calling Card service with either PIN or Caller ID recognition
  • Call-back service
  • VoIP Billing
  • VoIP termination for IP PBX systems
  • Wholesale VoIP Termination and Origination
  • Residential VoIP Termination and Origination.
  • Special Applications Platforms
  • Predictive Dialer and Sales Campaign Tool
  • Hosted PBX, IP Centrex and Multi-tenant systems.
  • VoIP reseller white label solutions.
  • and much more :)

There is online demo available at For more information about any of the features and benefits of any of our products, please contact us at For A2Billing installation services, see


  • Provide call rating for Asterisk.
  • Calling Cards
  • Integrates with AMP (
  • An "unlimited" amount of different price lists.
  • Batch billing
  • Realtime billing
  • Rates are billed to 6 decimal places.
  • Rates are highly configurable.
  • Import rate lists in cvs format.
  • Variable billing increments.
  • Call setup charges.
  • Resellers.
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Web interface provides:
  • - Card balances.
  • - Ability to configure routes.
  • - Ability to configure most of ASTPP.
  • - Setup Brands.
  • - Many other features.
  • Interface for customers to view their calls.
  • GPLed Source Code
  • Integrated with OSCommerce!!


Open-source web application for rating and showing VoIP calls.


  • Available for VoIP providers, MVNO/MVNEs, Telcos, digital businesses and SMBs.
  • Affordable, feature-rich, proven enterprise- and carrier-grade billing tool.
  • Open-source architecture provides access to complex rating and charging engines, high-performance computing, and automatic invoice generators for both Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers
  • Pay-as-you-grow design: requires no upfront investment, offering easy entry and exit procedures, and providing a reasonably-priced, scalable billing solution that can expand with your company.

Intuitive UI and dashboards
Based on ReactJS by Facebook, BillRun provides an intuitive user experience intended to simplify the billing process.

Shared discounts and bundled services
Offset over-usage with under-usage for customers assigned to the same account.
Special discounts can be applied by usage thresholds, by period, by value, by volume or combinations thereof.

Ample flexibility and easy configuration
BillRun’s solution can be implemented for retail, B2B, wholesale, roaming, or convergence, including shared accounts by multiple subscribers. All data structures of customers, subscribers and other entities can be configured to facilitate data transfer and updates, interfacing easily with 3rd-party systems. A rich set of APIs makes BillRun an integral part of your IT apps, enabling you to receive updates from various enterprise applications.

Infinite products and rates
Implement new, unlimited services and complex plans, or apply any measurable charging method to products, price lists, rates, payment methods, discounts, currencies, and charge by telephone prefix, volume, duration, geographic location, or distance.

Sophisticated pricing and billing engine
Dynamic data-driven online-charging system (OCS) computes intricate usage-based charging of millions of prepaid subscribers - in real time, while customers can view their balance at any given time.

Prepaid subscribers
BillRun supports unlimited number of resellers, and enables sending real-time reminders about nearing data consumption, or blocking or slowing subscriber access if/when required.

Auto-renewable charging is available, as well as charging for games, music and other services through the Prepaid bill. Multi-channel charge enables subscribers to recharge one or more prepaid phones, using various methods. Charge capping is also provided.

Discount management
Flexible, personalized discount management enables easy adding of new discounts and coupons,
applied automatically to any 3rd party program, and eliminating the need to calculate individual discounts, thereby saving time and minimizing the risk of error.

Varied data sources and multi-currency
BillRun interfaces with all protocol types, and associates them with customers, while providing multi-language support and multi-currency - available in the next few months.

Reliable, tested and proven
Proven enterprise- and carrier-grade billing.

Subscriber and partner management
Hierarchical structuring provides easy monitoring, including payment details, usage history, and detailed usage records (CDRs or IPDRs), supporting numerous partners, resellers and agent plans.

Invoicing, payment and collection
BillRun provides flexible invoice template layouts, multiple taxes, gateways to credit cards and clearing houses, and supports any payment type. A sophisticated collection tool includes rule-based optimization for handling recurring payment requests and indebted customers.

Subscriber and customer reports
Easy monitoring of subscriber usage and trends, with flexible filtering options, including for intricate usage plans requiring complex processing and computation.

Secured through SSL encryption
Encryption and authentication fully secure subscriber information.


data4voip billing is an open source VoIP billing solution
  • Multiple currencies
  • Prepaid or postpaid
  • Realtime
  • Unlimited devices for users
  • Concurrent calls for users
  • Real-time balance update
  • Least cost routing
  • Payment gateway
  • Invoicing system
  • Multi routing system


EasyITSP an open source ITSP/Hosted PBX solution that sits on top of Digium's open source Asterisk PBX, has been released to the public. EasyITSP allows people with little experience to easily manage and run an ITSP and/or Hosted PBX services with its small footprint and its easy to use admin and customer portals. EasyITSP is quickly gaining ground in its market with constant development of new features. To learn more and view a demo, visit


Freeside is the open-source billing, ticketing and account administration package for Internet Service Providers that now includes support for VoIP CDR rating and billing. Freeside supports Asterisk and many other CDR formats.

Freeside Internet Services also offers installation, integration, configuration, migration, training, and customization services.

Key Features

  • Flexible pricing and rating plans including anniversary billing, pro-rating, usage based billing and more. Plug-in system allows easy addition of new pricing plans.
  • VoIP rating and billing, including DID inventory, rate plans, free minutes, caps, and 800# billing.
  • Real-time credit card and electronic check processing with all major processing gateways. Email, fax, printed and online invoicing.

  • Complete, integrated trouble ticketing system included, based on Request Tracker from Best Practical Solutions
  • Auto-responds to customer email, assigns a ticket number and allows your staff to track requests collaboratively
  • Multiple queues, custom fields, templates, ticket associations, templates, customizable workflow, and more.

Customer Service
  • Online signup page with immediate credit card authorization and provisioning.
  • Customer self-care including invoice viewing, one-time and recurring payments, adding and removing services, and password changes.
  • Simple API available to write your own self-service pages or applications.

  • Unlimited resellers with branded invoices, individual pricing and payment gateways.
  • Virtualized reseller access allows resellers access to only their own customers.
  • Flexible, fine-grained access control

sip:provider CE:

sip:provider CE is an open-source turn-key SIP platform for up to 50k subscribers. It comes with a powerful and flexible billing and rating engine for near-realtime post-paid billing.

It supports free-cash and free-time models per billing-interval, billing zones, billing destinations defined via regular expressions (based on E164 numbers or arbitrary SIP URIs), special offers (like "get 1000 free minutes to specific zones for the next 3 months") and pre-configurable and arbitrarily changeable billing profiles per subscriber. Costs per call can be seen on the call list of the integrated user and admin panels immediately after the call. Admins can add up free cash or free minutes to an account at any time and can inspect spent money and free-time in the current billing interval. The sip:provider CE can be evaluated in virtualbox or vmware with just 3 clicks, and installed on a dedicated server in a couple of minutes. Check for the installation guide.

PyFreeBilling : billing and routing solution based on FreeSwitch

PyFreeBilling is a full open source solution providing all needed features for a wholesale activity : Prepaid/postpaid, advanced rates and routing management, nice GUI ... and based on the famous switch FreeSwitch.

Hotel/Hospitality systems

Asterisk Hotel Billing:

Asterisk Hotel Billing is a system to bill the calls of rooms in hotels. It's very easy to use.
Supports more than 15000 phone destinations. You can create PDF with detailed list of the calls, at the
moment the customer leaves de room, then the system starts a new bill for the next customer.
The application is in Spanish.
  • Asterisk + SQL CDR (Mysql tested)
  • Web server with PHP + PEAR DB
  • SIP/IAX Room extensions (not Zap)
  • Zap/SIP/IAX trunk lines

Cyber-wrt, Hotelpbx ultimate embedded hospitality tool 2013:

Web Page:
Autor website: Comdif Telecom
License: GPL
English - Spanish - French
This Cyberhotel version, is for embedded Broadcom plateform like routers ASUS RTN or some Cisco E serie with USB

- It include a classic php interface for PBX administration and Cyberhotel module
- It include also a captive portal system for wifi access control.
- It's finally also a very great DD-WRT rooter

  • Gui is pure realtime display, billing is build on a switch with advanced routing features as LCR, SIP carrier backup or on gateway.
  • This is not an experimental version, but tested long time in production in big Hotels and can have our full support.

Hospitality Management System:

Features of the Asterisk hotel management system include:
  • Rooms inventory management with bulk FreePBX extension import
  • Call management by prefix with per minute and fixed rates
  • Check-In and Check-Out with associated actions
  • Billing with search by dates and/or by rooms with call detail
  • Integrated with Hotel wake-up module with web interface
  • Removal of voicemails and wake-ups on room check-out

  • Asterisk + LAMP

Open Source Billing Tools and Libraries

VoIP Peering and Accounting using OSP

The OSP projects hosted on SIPfoundry offer open source tools for secure, multi-lateral peering based on the European Telecommunication Standards Institute'sOSP specification (ETSI TS 101321).
Tool to automatically assign calls to users of a shared line and spread their phone bill
  • works currently for German customers of the Deutsche Telekom (using "Rechnung Online"), other companies that provide online bills could easily be added
  • automated billing and accounting
  • comparison of alternative billing plans
  • PHP-interface
Tool to access and rate in real-time Call Details Records generated by SIP Express Router, MediaProxy, Asterisk and other RADIUS gateways. - by Adrian Georgescu. CDRTool provides real-time mediation including normalization and rating for Call Detail Records generated by SIP Proxies and VoIP gateways. Combined PSTN rating based on time/destination with NGN rating based on traffic/application provides the ideal billing platform.


astCDRview is an open source, licensed under GNU/GPL, lightweight, Web-based, multi-language Asterisk SQLite CDR viewer that supports multiple outgoing carriers, multiple incoming numbers, billing, an address book, and extensions
SQLBill is a Radius billing engine for the GNU Gatekeeper (GnuGk). It supports Radius or can be used directly on top of Postresql. It is a reliably backend system, but lacks a pretty frontend.
FBilling is FreePBX module for outbound billing of extensions - via FBilling one can define multiple tenants, prefixes, tariffs (per tenant) and permissions. It is designed to be easy to use and to be as tightly integrated as possible with FreePBX.

See Also

  • VOIP Billing - A large list of providers including both open-source and commerical billing solutions
  • Open Source VOIP Software - Open-source software for VoIP, not necessarily billing-related
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