OpenCDRRate - Scalable Open-Source CDR Rating System


OpenCDRRate is a scalable, Linux/Windows-compatible system to rate, tax and invoice your telecom/VoIP CDR. It runs on Postgres, Apache and PHP. This system allows you to import your CDR into the rating queue. The calls will be rated based on a predefined schedule. Un-ratable calls will go into a HELD queue to be re-rated at a later date.

It is currently built to provide the following features:

  • Interstate - Bill for minutes, CNAM dips, LRN dips.
  • Intrastate - Bill for minutes, CNAM dips, LRN dips.
  • Termination of Indeterminate Jurisdiction - Automatic categorization of indeterminate calls.
  • Simple Termination - Bill for minutes even if you don't jurisdictionalize calls.
  • International - Bill for minutes to international destinations.
  • Toll-free Origination - Bill for incoming calls to toll-free numbers. Rates based on origin of call.
  • Tiered Origination - Bill incoming calls based on rate center tiers.
  • Billing - Generate invoices with all fees and taxes.
  • CDR Taxation
  • Payment Processing
  • Usage Reporting
  • Admin Portal
  • Accounting Integrations

Support - email support(at)

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