OpenITSpace! - An Affordable IT Solution

OpenITspace provides IT Support & Solutions, Telecom Support services and Training Services to Small and Medium-sized businesses in Open Source Technology. Our services are accustomed in such a way that they support small business owner in Growing and Managing their businesses which they’ve build with hard work.

OpenITSpace provide assurance to make your IT services or Telecome services as consistent and secure as electric power so that you can lay attention on your core business. In fact, we guarantee higher level of quality services and your infrastructure up-time at very affordable cost.

Many Companys usually never count the productivity losses incorporated in system down-time, peer support and other soft costs related with avoidable problems. System down-time often results in lost revenue, lost customers and business disruptions.

Soft Costs – Soft costs are a little bit trickier. Soft costs are those costs that impact your business, often severely, yet most people aren’t quite sure how to calculate them. When a your server gets hacked and they steal credit card numbers and you get sued (or lose the good will of your clients), that is a soft cost. When your server crashes and your employees not working, the payroll spent and lost revenue to the business is a soft cost. When your computers run slowly and waste even a few minutes a day of employee productivity, the lost sales are a soft cost. When your employees surf inapproriate websites and either aren’t productive, or get you sued, that is a soft cost. When you lose a 9 months of accounting data because a backup could not be restored, this most certainly is a soft cost.

At OpenITSpace, we manage your IT (not your business), provide you IT support without any interruptions in Open Source Technology.

We are young entrepreneurs just like you, so we know that your time and resources are valuable and that you need to be focused on what's most important. Get benefitted by our IT Support expertise on open source technology and passion for small business success to your advantage - whether that's providing IT support to your employees, protecting your critical data, developing an Internet marketing campaign or Developing IVRs & IPPBX that brings leads in the door.

No matter what OpenITSpace services you employ, you can count on experiencing the best IT Support Service and Telecom Support Service Commitment at Affordable Cost which is delivered by a team that is 100% committed to just your success and satisfaction.

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