OpenPBX by Voicetronix


OpenPBX a full function, web enabled PBX application, suitable for small office installations and can scale to large call centres. Features include a web based user and management GUI, unlimited Voicemail, Hierarchical Auto-Attendant, Automatic Call Distribution ACD, Least Call Routing (LCR), Music on Hold (MOH), Call Display Records (CDR), unlimited huntgroups, call transfer, call parking, call baring. It has the ability to offer 3 way call conferencing and by leveraging the power of the desktop it offers voice to email, click to dial and transfer of calls.

Supported platforms and hardware

Voicetronix's OpenPBX is Open Source and is entirely written in Perl. It runs on Linux and interacts with a range of multi-port analogue FXO, FXS and digital (Primary Rate) line interface PCI cards via CT Server, a Perl based client/server library supporting Voicetronix hardware.


The code is very compact; only 1000 lines of Perl code are required for the basic PBX functionality. This means it is very easy to extend and customize feature sets, with a small amount of development.

Current status

Current development is focusing on releasing a SIP module for OpenPBX.

For more information on
1. Features and benefits, visit here
2. Downloading the software, visit here

Legal Disclaimer
The name of this software is "OpenPBX" and not "CallWeaver".
OpenPBX is an Australian common law trademark by Voicetronix.
CallWeaver is a US registered trademark for the CallWeaver project.
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