Completed Work

Completed work items

The following is an overview of work completed since CallWeaver was forked from Asterisk 1.2. However, the list is still incomplete.

Development and build environment

  • Renamed identifiers from ast_* to opbx_*
  • Automatic build configuration using GNU Autotools

Runtime environment

  • Run as user/group openpbx instead of root, configurable
  • Tested and optimised to run under Xen, VMware and VPS


  • Converted core into library "corelib"
  • Added universal jitterbuffer
  • Added common software timer API
  • Added support for kernel based POSIX high resolution timers
  • Added generic software timers for platforms without POSIX timers
  • Replaced all zaptel timer dependencies with software timers (POSIX and generic)
  • Converted dialplan execution engine to use hashing instead of strcmp() and strcasecmp()
  • Replaced extension matching engine with cleaner, faster, more efficient engine
  • Renamed AGI to OGI to avoid any potential trademark issues

Use of embedded llibraries

  • Removed Berkeley DB1, replaced with multi-threading version of SQLite3
  • Made use of external versus embedded Editline configurable at build time

Use of external libraries

  • Removed internal codecs with corresponding codecs in SpanDSP library
  • Removed internal tone generator with generator in SpanDSP library
  • Integrated T.38 fax over IP services provided by SpanDSP library
  • Maintained intefaces to latest version of Zaptel and Libpri

Channel drivers

  • Added STUN support for SIP NAT traversal to chan_sip
  • Added CSRC entry handling in RTP for better compliance
  • Ported and fixed chan_bluetooth for use of bluetooth headsets as client devices

Loadable application modules

  • Replaced app_meetme with app_conference for conferencing


  • Provided perl-ogi as an example how to treat the renaming of AGI or OGI
  • Provided dialplan checking and conversion script to adjust for case sensitive vars and apps


Numerous bugs have been identified and fixed, in particular bugs in chan_sip and bugs related to locking issues. Often people bring bugs to us which Digium did not acknowledge as bugs (in Asterisk from where we inherited them), we fix them anyway!

More info wiki on | CallWeaver home page | CallWeaver wiki | OpenPBX SVN repository and bugtracker

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