OpenSER Consultants

  • Hosted PBX , Enterprise and Residential Broadband VoIP Services
  • Hosted SBC with LCR and integrated billing system and SIP trunking
  • Virtual Fax with t.38 support
  • High Availability OpenSER clusters
  • Asterisk integration and web Integration
  • Redundancy and Scalability to millions of subscribers
  • Contact Center (IVR- VoiceXML /Jabber / Outbound/Inbound Marketing implementation)
  • Prepaid/Postpaid CDR / Billing

Asterisk Agent /

  • Web site: VoIP-Support
  • Technical support
  • OpenSER implementation service
  • asterisk integration

AG Projects

Multimedia Service Platform


  • Web site:
  • Contact:
  • MultiModal - MultiService Platform
  • High-availability hardened OpenSERSER platforms
  • OpenSSI Clustering to support millions of subscriber
  • CDR collection and mediation for OpenSER, Asterisk and Cisco
  • Radius, Diameter / Ldap integration
  • SMS / MMS / SIMPLE / XMPP / H.264 / integration/implementation
  • Contact Center (IVR- VoiceXML /Jabber / Outbound/Inbound Marketing implementation)
  • ENUM and DunDI management (DNS NAPTR records)
  • Load balancing and redundant NAT traversal MediaProxy
  • Integrated SOAP/XML provisioning system
  • postpaid/MiCropayment/Prepaid
  • Jain/ParlayX support
  • IMS and MIH integration
  • FireFox SIP Client ToolBar


  • Web site:
  • Daniel-Constantin Mierla, co-founder OpenSER/Kamailio
  • Elena-Ramona Modroiu, co-founder OpenSER/Kamailio
  • OpenSER/Kamailio training, consultancy and development
  • OpenSER/Kamailio-based SIP solutions

AstraVoice - Make the Right Call (New York, NY -212-937-8855)

  • OpenSips/Kamailio SIP Server Configuration
  • Asterisk/FreeSwitch Implemetations
  • Load Balancing
  • Web Integration
  • On-Site Support in NYC
  • Specializing in High Availability clusters
  • Live Support available
  • In business since 2005
  • Web site:

Brett Nemeroff Consulting, Dripping Springs, Texas

  • Over 10 Years advanced CLEC and ESP experience
  • Understand the concepts and requirements of CLEC needs
  • Custom OpenSER Development
  • Quick product turnaround
  • Familar with performing advanced architectures and cost analysis for MTU (Multi-tenant) markets.

Web Page:
Phone: 512-696-1408

Dr. SIP (Zürich, Switzerland)

Expert for SIP, ENUM, Linux, MySQL, OpenSER/Kamailio, and Asterisk

  • 3rd Level Support for SIP Issues / Troubleshooting
  • Installation and maintainance of SIP (OpenSER/Kamailio, Asterisk, and other) systems
  • High availability architectures
  • Linux and MySQL
  • NAT traversal
  • Integration of heterogeneous VoIP systems
  • ENUM integration
  • Service contracts
  • Strategic product direction and IETF Standardization
  • Reviewing and development of architectures and designs
  • Education

Klarya srl, Modena, Italy

Klarya provide state-of-the-art appliance based solutions for Unified Communications over IP specifically tailored for SMB, Enterprises and Carriers. In 2005, a group of young managers working in the ICT sector and focused in Open Source technologies, got together to set up Klarya with the mission to built up, market and support reliable solutions for VoIP, Unified Communication and Desktop Video Collaboration, establishing a consolidated presence on the market through continuous innovation and total client dedication. Today Klarya operations cover all the Italian territory through a network of selected and certified partners which are continuously supported by Klarya team in projecting and providing specific customer oriented solutions.
  • Web site:
  • More info: info (at)
  • Products
    • Open Voice SIP Server (Open Voice SIP Server Web page): The Open Voice SIP Server is an Open Source-based SIP platform (Kamailio, OpenSIPS) usefull to design professional VoIP solutions for Enterprises and Carriers. The Open Voice SIP Server, available as network appliance or inside a custom server, is a very scalable and reliable system and it's the core for any SIP-based large project. It's natively integrated with any Open Voice system (Official Open Voice 6500 Web page), our Asterisk-based Unified Communications Appliance. The Open Voice SIP Server can be configured as:
      • SIP registrar server
      • SIP router / proxy (lcr, dynamic routing, dialplan features)
      • SIP redirect server
      • SIP presence agent
      • SIP IM server (chat and end-2-end IM)
      • SIP to SMS gateway (bidirectional)
      • SIP to XMPP gateway for presence and IM (bidirectional)
      • SIP load-balancer or dispatcher
      • SIP front end for gateways/asterisk
      • SIP NAT traversal unit
      • SIP application server
    • There are many applications scenarios for our Open Voice SIP Server:
      • VoIP service providers
      • SIP trunking
      • SIP load-balancing with failover
      • SIP front-end (per terminazioni SIP)
      • Enterprise Services
      • SIP router
  • Services:
    • Kamailio/OpenSIPS/OpenSER product support
    • Kamailio/OpenSIPS/OpenSER and Asterisk integration
    • Kamailio/OpenSIPS/OpenSER installation, configuration
    • Kamailio/OpenSIPS/OpenSER, Asterisk, SIP Training
    • Large-scale Asterisk deployments
    • Consultancy services with Digium dCAP certified engineers

Edvina AB, Sollentuna, Sweden

  • Web site:
  • Olle E. Johansson, Asterisk developer
  • OpenSER and Asterisk integration
  • OpenSER installation, configuration
  • SIP network design

Phone: +46 8 96 40 20

Neotiq FRANCE Paris

The French specialist of OpenSER solution.
Neotiq's engineers are specialised in the deployment, development and the integration of OpenSER in enterprise and carrier environments. Our customers are carriers and service providers, which wants to evolve their services to open-source solution with a french support that fits their tough requirements.
  • Website in french:
  • Consulting, architecture and design of OpenSER solution
  • Design and development of new services for IMS based on OpenSER
  • Integration of other systems like Asterisk, Yate and gateways like Audiocode, Dialogic/Cantata, Nortel, Cisco.

Phone: +33 1 72 70 20 90
Fax: +33 1 73 72 96 81


  • Web site
  • Oralnet provides enterprise level solutions, both turnkey and bespoke, in many fields
  • High-availability / Resilient infrastructures
  • Multi-lateral peering - Global solutions
  • NAT traversal / Media proxies
  • Convergence and Integration (Asterisk, Cisco, H323 etc)
  • IM/XMPP/video
  • CDR / Billing
  • Support and SLA's
  • Information Security Policy design
  • Business Process Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 00 44 844 484 5745

Smartvox Limited

TELEFAKS.DE Telefaks Services GmbH, Usingen bei Frankfurt

Wir beraten Sie bei der Installation und Pflege von Telefonlagen auf Basis von Freeswitch, Asterisk und SipX für mittelständische Unternehmen. Daneben integrieren wir Videoconferenz-Lösungen und SIP-Router (OPENSER/Kamailio).
Unsere Spezialitäten sind:
    • Voice-Applikationen mittels eigenem Application-Server für Asterisk und Freeswitch, Definition der Voice-Applikationen per GUI
    • verschlüsselte und abhörsichere Kommunikation und Telefonkonferenzen via TLS/SRTP, sowie Verschleierung der Identität der Gesprächspartner
    • die Integration von Kommunikationslösungen in Mehrwertlösungen, z.B Geocoding eingehender Anrufe, Kopplung mit Alarmsystemen, Integration von Datenbanken, Abrechnungssystemen usw.
Server-, Virtualisierungs-, Cluster- und Backup-Lösungen auf Linux-Basis runden unser Portfolio ab.

Voice System SRL

  • Voice System - the founder and major player of OpenSER project
  • Web site:
  • Voice System team includes:
    • co-founder and core developers of OpenSER
    • core developer of SER
  • Services:
    • consultancy & technical support (per time or per project)
    • design and implementation of VoIP platforms based on OpenSER
    • training courses for operating and developing OpenSER
    • code development on request
  • Products - OpenSER based:
    • Turn-key VoIP Operator Platforms (simple or clustered designs)
    • Prepaid system (integrated billing or Radius Connector)
    • Far-end SIP NAT traversal solution (NATBOX)
    • SIP Multi Dispatcher (LB for clustering GW, Asterisk or FreeSwitch)
    • Presence Agent Server

VoIP Embedded Inc.

  • web site: VoIP Embedded
  • OpenSER and Asterisk integration
  • SBC/ALG Configuration
  • Least Cost Routing implementations
  • Upper registrar
  • Embedded systems integration
  • Technical support
  • Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Contact: Ovidiu Sas <>

  • Web site:
  • Technical support
  • OpenSER implementation service
  • Wholesale Billing System
  • Retail Billing System
  • SBC Configuration

Pablo Saro - VoIP Engineer

  • Contact:
  • High-availability OpenSER/OpenSIPS/Kamailio platforms
  • SIP delivery services platform
  • Carrier grade solutions
  • SIP / xmpp integration
  • Web 2.0 Integration
    • Web Flash Phone and Chat
  • Centralized web management
  • Load balancing and redundant NAT traversal (MediaProxy)
  • Solutions for Hosted IP PBX providers
  • Scalability to millions of subscribers
  • Asterisk and FreeSWITCH integration
  • Integration with commercial telephony products (Cisco, Avaya, AudioCodes, Quintum)
  • Database configuration storage
    • Realtime configuration delivery
    • MySQL Cluster
  • Corporate LDAP integration
  • Fax
  • UNIX / Linux / Solaris Engineering
  • Network Engineering

Evariste Systems

  • Web site:
  • Knowledge base:
  • VoIP FAQ:
  • Contact: 678-954-0670 (or see contact form on web site)
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Services:
    • Kamailio (OpenSER) support & development (management advisory council member, official ASIPTO partner)
    • Large-scale Asterisk deployments.
    • SIP service delivery platform engineering.
    • IP network engineering.
    • VoIP contact centers project.
    • QoS.
    • VoIP application integration.
    • Telecommunications operational support systems.
    • Billing, rating, & least cost routing.
    • Cisco voice gateways.
    • SIP trunking.
    • Private VoIP peering/settlement.
    • Fax to email.

  • Web site:
  • Free tutorials in french
  • Provide consulting missions/ module development for OpenSIPS in France

Laszlo B.

  • web: Voipfreak
  • CALEA solutions
  • CDR/Billing
  • Large-scale SIP deployments
  • NAT traversal / Media proxies
  • VoIP assistance with SS7 interconnections
  • Tech support

See also:

  • OpenSER - open source SIP server with TLS support
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