OpenSER Setup for ComtelPBX


1) OpenSER 1.2.1 TLS Distribution Included with ComtelPBX
2) Monit 4.8.2 - Also included with ComtelPBX Software

Setup Procedure:

1 Compile from the src:
1.1) cd /usr/src/openser-1.2.1-tls
1.2) make clean
1.3) make
1.4) make install

2) Edit the OpenSER config file:

File: /usr/local/etc/openser/openser.cfg

Content: Configuration File Content

3) Install as a service:
3.1) cp /usr/src/openser-1.2.1-tls/openser.init into /etc/init.d/openser
3.2) chmod 770 /etc/init.d/openser
3.3) chkconfig --add openser
3.4) chkconfig --level 2345 openser on

4) Compile Monit from src:
4.1) cd /usr/src/monit-4.8.2
4.2) ./configure
4.3) make clean
4.4) make
4.5) make install

5) Configure monit:

File /usr/local/etc/monitrc

Content: Configuration File Content

6) Change permissions on monitrc:
chmod 700 /usr/local/etc/monitrc

7) Run monit from init so if it crashes, it will respawn:
7.1) vi /etc/inittab
7.2) Add:
  1. Run monit in standard run-levels
mo:2345:respawn:/usr/local/bin/monit -Ic /usr/local/etc/monitrc
7.3) Restart inittab:
telinit q

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