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acc module is used to account transactions information to different backends like syslog, SQL databases, RADIUS and DIAMETER (beta version). OpenSER/OpenSIPS does event based accounting, that means it can log details for start and stop events of a call, or details for other type of SIP events, like Instant Message, Presence event, a.s.o.

Starting with v1.2.0, OpenSER/OpenSIPS logs a set of minimal details for each event, additional data can be recorded using log_extra (db_extra, rad_extra, ...) parameter. Also, OpenSER/OpenSIPS can do muli-leg call accounting — if there is a redirect in place for a call, A calling B, B redirecting to C, OpenSER/OpenSIPS can write two records, A => B, B => C.

Minimal accounting data are:

  • Request Method name
  • From header TAG parameter
  • To header TAG parameter
  • Call-Id
  • 3-digit Status code from final reply
  • Reason phrase from final reply
  • Time stamp when transaction was completed

If a value is not present in request, the empty string is accounted instead.

Syslog and SQL DB accounting are enabled by default. To do RADIUS accounting, you have to edit module/acc/Makefile and uncomment DEFS+=-DRAD_ACC. For Diameter uncomment DEFS+=-DDIAM_ACC.

Links to documentation of acc module:

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