OpenSER module avp_radius

avp_radius module allows loading of user's attributes into AVPs from RADIUS server. User's name and domain can be based on From URI, Request URI, or authenticated credentials.

The module assumes that Radius returns the AVPs as values of reply attribute SIP-AVP. Its value must be a string of form:


"SIP-AVP" RADIUS AVP examples for OpenSER 1.2.0:

""     -> STRING NAME AVP (email) with STRING VALUE (
""       -> ID AVP (14) with STRING VALUE (
"age#28"                  -> STRING NAME AVP (age) with INTEGER VALUE (28)
"#14#28"                  -> ID AVP (14) with INTEGER VALUE (28)

For AVP with STRING NAME, the module prefixes each attribute name as returned from RADIUS server by string "caller_" or "callee_" depending if caller's or callee's attributes are loaded.

Links to documentation of avp_radius module:

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