OpenSER module cpl-c

__cpl-c_ module implements a CPL (Call Processing Language - RFC3880) interpreter. It has support for uploading/downloading/removing scripts via SIP REGISTER method.

CPL is a powerful and flexible XML scripting language that allows each user to develop its call routing. Some common features like redirection, forward, speed-dial, call/black lists ... can be implemented via CPL. Since XML processing is quite resource consuming, all scripts are loaded via the OpenSER daemon which converts them to a binary format for use in call processing. Some of the common features can be implemented via other OpenSER modules — see speeddial, avpops.

Example CPL script - reject anonymous calls:

   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
       <address-switch field="origin" subfield="user">
         <address is="anonymous">
           <reject status="reject" reason="I reject anonymous calls"/>

Links to documentation of cpl-c module:
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