OpenSER module dispatcher

dispatcher module can be used to implement load balancing and SIP requests dispatching over a set of destinations. The following dispatching algorithms are available in OpenSER 1.2.x:
  • hash over Call-Id
  • hash over From URI
  • hash over To URI.
  • hash over request URI (R-URI)
  • round-robin (next destination).
  • if the algorithm parameter is not implemented, the first entry in set is chosen.

The destination sets are loaded from a text file, with line format: set_id sip_destination_address. The file is loaded at startup.

# proxies
2 sip:
2 sip:

# gateways
1 sip:
1 sip:
1 sip:

The module gives the option to use the selected SIP address as outbound proxy or as domain part of R-URI.

Links to documentation of dispatcher module:
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