OpenSER module enum

enum module implements functions that make ENUM query based on the user part of the current Request-URI. These functions assume that the user part consists of an international phone number of the form +decimal-digits, where the number of digits is at least 2 and at most 15. Out of this number, the enum_query() forms a domain name, where the digits are in reverse order and separated by dots followed by domain suffix that by default is "e164.arpa.". For example, if the user part is +35831234567, the domain name will be "".

Since OpenSER 1.2.0, there is support for infrastructure ENUM (iENUM). i_enum_query() function operates in a similar fashion. The only difference is that it adds a label (default "i") to branch off from the default, user-ENUM tree to an infrastructure ENUM tree.

After forming the domain name, enum_query queries DNS for its NAPTR records. From the possible response enum_query chooses those records, whose flags field has string value "u", and whose services field has string value "e2u+[service:]sip" or "e2u+type[:subtype][+type[:subtype]...]" (case is ignored in both cases), and whose regexp field is of the form !pattern!replacement!.

Example doing ENUM query:

# search for "e2u+sip" in freenum.org 
# search for "e2u+sip" in default tree (configured as parameter)
# search for "e2u+voice:sip" in e164.arpa
# search for service type "sip" or "voice:sip" or "video:sip"
# note the '+' sign in front of the second parameter
# quering for service sip and voice:sip
# or use instead

Links to documentation of enum module:
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