OpenSER module flatstore

flatstore is a limited OpenSER database modules. The aim is to provide a fast storage mechanism for accounting records. It implements only INSERT function, from the DB API, so it cannot be used as full DB driver of OpenSER.

The format of the files produced by this module is plain text. Each line consists of several fields, fields are separated by | character. New information is always appended at the end of the file, searching, deleting and updating of existing data is not supported by the module.

The acc module can be configured to use flatstore module as database backend using the db_url_parameter:

modparam("acc", "db_url", "flatstore:/var/log/acc")

This configuration options tells acc module that it should use the flatstore module and the flatstore module should create all files in /var/log/acc directory. The directory must exist and OpenSER processes must have permissions to create files in that directory.

Name of files in that directory will follow the following pattern:


Links to documentation of flatstore module:
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