OpenSER module sms

sms module provides a way of communication between SIP network (via SIP MESSAGE) and GSM networks (via ShortMessageService). Communication is possible from SIP to SMS and vice versa. The module provides facilities like SMS confirmation — the gateway can confirm to the SIP user if his message really reached its destination as a SMS — or multi-part messages — if a SIP messages is too long it will be split and sent as multiple SMS.

Errors occurred because of an invalid number, a too long message or because of an internal modem malfunction are reported back to the SIP user via a SIP message containing explanations regarding the error.

Hardware Requirements

The SMS module needs a GSM modem to be able to send/receive the SMS messages. Usually, this kind of modems are externals, linked to the OpenSER machine via serial cable. The modem can be a dedicated one (as the ones provided by FALCOM) or can be a GSM telephone that has an internal modem (as the latest mobile phones from NOKIA and ERICSSON).

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