OpenSER module uac_redirect

uac_redirect - User Agent Client redirection - module enhance OpenSER with the functionality of being able to handle (interpret, filter, log and follow) redirect responses ( 3xx replies class).

The module offer stateful processing, gathering the contacts from all 3xx branches of a call.

The module provide a powerful mechanism for selecting and filtering the contacts to be used for the new redirect:

  • number based - limits like the number of total contacts to be used or the maximum number of contacts per branch to be selected.
  • Regular Expression based - combinations of deny and accept filters allow a strict control of the contacts to be used for redirection.

When selecting from a 3xx branch the contacts to be used, the contacts will be ordered and prioritized based on the "q" value.

Links to documentation of uac_redirect module:
Created by: miconda, Last modification: Wed 18 of Jul, 2007 (08:20 UTC)
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