OpenSource VoIP Solution

We are working on opensource voip project Asterisk IP PBX, Installation, maintenance, configuration of linux systems, servers VOIP Gatekeepers , Predictive Dialer, Small, Medium, Large Scale deployments of Asterisk, SER, SIPX, Asterisk@home , Trixbox , FreePBX , Asterisk installation, configuration, Customization, Dialplan programming, AGI, perl scripting, Text-Speech ,Speech-Text integration, Voice recognition, Asterisk + A2 Billing, Asterisk + CRM, Asterisk + vicidial, Calling Cards, gatekeepers, Open MCU, A2billing, asterisk + trixbox,Free PBX, Elastix, gnu dialer, Asterisk integration, Fax solutions, Fax & Voice broadcasting solutions, Call conferencing solutions, IVR solutions & Support for digiumHardware, sangoma E1 / PRI / FXO Digital , analog Telephony Cards, grandstream.
If you are looking for opensource voip solution and support contact me at

Contact: Anand Dayal

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