Opensource 16 E1 / T1 telecom card

Low cost and High quality Telecom Hardware
It’s time to rethink on available open source telecom hardware, available ones are just not enough for current need ……
To list few I have tried with various variants of zaptel which are just a dumb card and leaves lot of load on various call managers like asterisk or free switch….. But thanks to all who initiated and contributed to its development.
Is it possible to build a open source carrier grade (preferably with 16e1s) card with a good communication processor and a DSP to support on board media processing for both audio and video under 500 USD ?
Yes it is possible ………………………………….and
is it possible to build a quality card which is better than today's dialogics or PT or Telesoft of the worlds
yes it is possible.

Features for 16e1/t1 telecom card

  • 16 soft configurable E1/T1
  • PCI-e , PMC board formats
  • 256 LSL links
  • 8 HSL links
  • Audio & Video support
  • ISDN , SS7 and Sigtran support
  • Support for ATM
  • Onboard CPU for dedicated protocol processing
  • on Board DSP support audio and Video processing
  • Drivers for linux and windows

Specs of 16e1/t1 Telecom Card
Protocol Support
• Broadband SS7 ATM AAL5:
• PCM Voice
• 16 E1/T1/J1
• 1 Gig Ethernet Port

components for 16 e1/T1 Telecom Card
choices for Active components for building 16 E1 Card

Processor :
MPC from Freescale
Winpath3 from wintegra

DSP for media processing
TI --TMS320C6424

Frammer :
Infeneon — Octal Frammer
FPGA based e1/t1 core

PLX Technologies


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