OptiPoint 600 SIP - Distictive ring using ALERT_INFO

OptiPoint 600 SIP - Distinctive ring using ALERT_INFO

The OptiPoint can use the ALERT_INFO header. After setting up "Alert Indications" using the web interface, you can select the "Alert Indication" by sending its name in the ALERT_INFO header:

exten => _40,1,SetVar(ALERT_INFO=ringtone4)
exten => _40,2,Dial(SIP/40)

Excerpt from phone log

13-AUG 09:29:20 (5227) 0x80de4cb0 (tSipEngine): 8130@sg_engine.cpp (2) 0x0 Msg No# 0x55 EXT: CreateCallContext, VecSize=1, Line ID=1: Context=0x80d60530
13-AUG 09:29:20 (5227) 0x80de4cb0 (tSipEngine): 8221@sg_engine.cpp (2) 0x0 Msg No# 0x56 EXT: CreateCallContext, CallId: 1
13-AUG 09:29:20 (5229) 0x80de4cb0 (tSipEngine): 246@sg_events.cpp (2) 0x0 Msg No# 0x57 STK->SIG: sipNewCall: Cref=1028, ARef=0, Replaced Cref=0, Line ID=1:
13-AUG 09:29:20 (5229) 0x80de4cb0 (tSipEngine): 247@sg_events.cpp (2) 0x0 Msg No# 0x58 STK->SIG: sipNewCall: alertURI=ringtone4, info=, autoanswer=0, delay=0
13-AUG 09:29:20 (5229) 0x80de4cb0 (tSipEngine): 290@sg_events.cpp (2) 0x0 Msg No# 0x59 STK->SIG: sipNewCall: R_Uname=12, R_IP= R_Dname=12

The phone log seems to indicate, that the phone can be told to automatically answer a call. Furthermore the name "alertURI" could indicate, that the ringtone can be fetched over the network.
EDIT: doing a "strings" on the firmware binary might easily reveal this...
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