OptiPoint 600 SIP - Multi-line operation

OptiPoint 600 SIP - Multi-line operation

In multi-line mode, you can assign SIP lines to function keys. This is done easiest through the web interface. Note, that the pop-up menues the web interface uses, only work in Internet Explorer (APP version 2.47.13).

You can now use the according function key to select the line for an outgoing call. The associate LED will blink on an incoming call to this line.


  • When in multi-line mode, the phone will only blink the according LED when a second call comes in while talking on another line. There ist no other indication, especially, the CID is not shown. This can be changed: Service, User Settings (2), Applications (1), Telephone Configuration (1), Line-Settings (4), Select Line, Select, Show Caller in Call View (2) (somebody using the English language UI should check this ;-))


  • When in multi-line mode, the first digit dialed will be lost. I did not notice this behaviour in single-line mode.
Created by: mali, Last modification: Sun 14 of Aug, 2005 (15:09 UTC)
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