OptiPoint 600 SIP - Sample configuration for use with Asterisk

Asterisk Setup

In sip.conf configure an extension:

type = friend
username = 40
authuser = optipoint
; secret = optipoint
auth = md5
md5secret = 3da041331c9a3b628f2549b3b77e8dad
context = default ; Context in extensions.conf
callerid = "optiPoint 600 <40>"
host = dynamic
nat = no
canreinvite = yes
disallow = all
allow = law

In multi-line mode, you have to set up multiple entries like the one above. The phone will register multiple times.

OptiPoint Setup

Configuration of the OptiPoint itself is split into multiple steps. Confirm that the phone has been assigned an IP address by your DHCP server:

Check network settings

Service (6)
Adminstration (3) (Enter Password, standard is "123456")
Network Settings (3-2)
Phone IP address (3-2-1)
Return ...

Set up the SIP settings

Service (6)
Adminstration (3)
System Settings (3-1)
Telephony (3-1-1)
SIP Settings (3-1-1-1)
SIP Routing (3-1-1-1-1)
Select "Server (1)"
Return ...

SIP Transport (3-1-1-1-2)
Select "UDP (1)"
Return ..

SIP Addresses (3-1-1-1-3)
SIP Server Settings (3-1-1-1-3-1)
SIP Server Address (1)
<Address of your Asterisk Host (IP address or Hostname)>
Check "Server is Registrar"
Set Port Number to 5060"
Return ...
SIP Server Options (2)
(No changes necessary)
Return ...
SIP Server Type (3)
Set to "Other"
Return ...

Set up the line settings

Service (6)
Adminstration (3)
System Settings (3-1)
Telephony (3-1-1)
Line Configuration (3-1-1-4)

For single line operation:

Phone Device Line (3-1-1-4-1)
Phone Number <Phone number matching "username" in sip.conf>
Phone Name <Name to be displayed to called party - gets overwritten by "callerid"-option in sip.conf>
Register by Name <unchecked>
Next ...
Realm <realm matching your setting in sip.conf and the realm used to generate the "md5secret">
UserID <userid matching the "authuser" in sip.conf>
password <password as encoded in "md5secret">
Save ...

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