OptiPoint 600 SIP with Asterisk

OptiPoint 600 SIP with Asterisk

The Siemens OptiPoint 600 SIP works quite well with Asterisk.

Creating and using a custom logo
Updating firmware / Switching from HFA to SIP
Sample configuration for use with Asterisk
Multi-line operation
Distictive ring using ALERT_INFO
WAP based phonebook
DHCP based configuration
Recovering from 'can't boot'


  • When logging is enabled on the phone, the phone becomes really slow
  • The phone restarts on certain communication problems with the SIP server, check the phone's SIP settings!

Open Questions

  • Can the "SIP Session Timer" be used with Asterisk? It seems to be impossible to disable that feature, even though there is a check box: After saving the settings, the box is marked again.
  • How can the LEDs next to the function keys be used as a Busy Lamp Field?
  • How does MWI work?
  • There seems to be an "autoanswer" function. How does it work?


  • Phone needs to be restarted after major configuration changes, restarting takes > 2 Minutes
  • Web interface has some glitches with non-IE browsers
  • Hold/Unhold not functional

Wishes for future firmware revisions

  • More control over backlight
  • Possibility to assign a web/wap page to a function key
  • Web browser (html)

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