Optima Dialer: Revolution in mobile VoIP business

Optima Dialer is a Mobile VoIP product of Improlabs Pte Ltd. Mobile VoIP refers to the technology that helps the users to make VoIP calls from their mobile communication devices like Smart Phones and Tabs. Optima Dialer is an state-of-art Mobile VoIP App by Improlabs which enables smart mobile devices to make VoIP calls with ease.

It is an app that runs not only on both ARM and X86 architectures, but also in a wide range of mobile handsets. Optima dialer uses SIP signaling protocol and is compatible with all the major SIP supported softswitches. Optima Dialer has the capability to pass through complex network firewalls while used with BytePlex; a revolutionary tunneling product developed by Improlabs.

Optima Dialer ensures enhanced performance and best possible voice quality even on low bandwidth. Only 6 kbps bandwidth is enough for Optima Dialer to deliver crystal clear voice quality. It overcomes the major limitations of the other dialer products in the market. Implementation of latest technology and a lot of useful features make it a must-to-have dialer product for the VoIP calling operators in the today's market.

Key Features

    • Crystal clear voice only @ 6 kbps speed
    • Low bandwidth consumption
    • User friendly graphical interface.
    • Faster registration and call connectivity.
    • Display account balance on the dialer screen
    • Supports any SIP softswitch.
    • Ability to bypass network blockage and firewalls while being used with Byteplex module.
    • Integrated with native contact list.
    • Customized branding facility.
    • Ability to work from behind NAT.

Tech Specification

    • Signaling Protocol: SIP
    • Compatibility: All major SIP softswitch.
    • Supported Mobile Platforms: Android, IOS, Windows Mobile


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Email: info@improlabs.com

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Download Android Version

Download Optima Dialer from Google Play

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Free Version of Optima Dialer

Recently Improlabs released a free version of Optima Dialer for users who doesn't need the commercial and branding related features. You can use it for free. If you have own softswitch or have an account with third party calling service and don’t face any SIP blockage, you can easily use Optima Free Dialer. Download it from the play store, configure it using your switch ip, user name & password and start using it. You don’t have to pay a single penny.

For Details
Optima Free Dialer

Download from App Store
Download Free Optima Dialer from Google Play

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