Optima Saver: Bandwidth Optimization Service for VOIP


Optima Saver is a popular bandwidth optimization service for VOIP traders. This service is introduced by ImproLabs Pte Ltd, a Singapore based IT & communications solutions Company. Within a short time, Improlabs has developed a substantial client base all over the world. This was possible due to the continuous effort from the experienced and skilled RnD, development, support and business development teams.

Bandwidth costs money. So the VOIP operators are always looking for the services/software by which they can reduce the bandwidth usage and can terminate more calls in that specific bandwidth limit. This is where the Optima Saver can help the VoIP operators. Using this service, they can reduce upto 80% of their overall bandwidth usage, hence bandwidth cost. As a result they can ensure better performance with much lower costs. They can use this service to provide termination service even on shared internet connections.

Key Features

o Reduces bandwidth usage for VOIP call termination upto 80%.
o Improves phone conversation experience as the voice quality improves.
o Supports major audio codecs like G723.1, G729, AMR, GSM, G711 etc in pass through mode.
o Works with all major SIP termination end points like Quintum, Addpac, Dinstar, GoIP, Cisco, Eurotech gateways etc.
o Users can use Optima from all kinds of removable storages like USBHDD, USB flash drive etc.
o Full featured web based platform is integrated. Users can view CDR, manage capacity and end points.
o Compatible with different kinds of internet networks like broadband, WiFi,WiMAX, 3G etc.
o More reduction in bandwidth usage per call with more connected calls.
o Compatible with public, private, static, DHCP networks.
o It helps to by-pass voice port blocking problem.
o Hides original IP address of the termination provider.
o Works with both real IP and local IP addresses.
o Works from behind the NAT and firewall.
o Reduces Post Dialing Delay (PDD).
o Works with any SIP based softswitch/gatekeeper.
o Flexible and competitive pricing plans.

For Subscription

Please contact -
Skype: sales.improlabs
Email: info@improlabs.com

For More Information

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