OrderlyCalls is a multi-threaded telephony application server environment, in Java. You can run it stand-alone, inside your own application environment, or inside J2EE Servlet containers such as Tomcat.

OrderlyCalls provides full support for the Asterisk FastAGI and Manager protocols. You can implement your services using either of these, or both in conjunction.

OrderlyCalls uses a simple object-model to help you develop your own applications swiftly and easily. OrderlyCalls uses a Named Service approach to providing telephony services to your applications, and is configured using an extensible XML file format, which you can use to create and provide settings for your own services if you wish to.

OrderlyCalls includes a Web Deployer makes it easy to run your services inside Servlet containers, facilitating the development and deployment of integrated VOIP-HTML applications.

OrderlyCalls is highly efficient, reusing objects and threads to handle calls and events, though as a developer OrderlyCalls insulates you from this complexity.

The OrderlyCalls distribution contains several example applications, one of which is a demonstration of Orderly Software's flagship service, OrderlyQ. which is an advanced call queue system that allows your callers to hang up, then call back later without losing their place in the queue.

You can get OrderlyCalls for free from the SourceForge Project Page, including Full API Documentation

OrderlyCalls is the successor to JAGIServer, which it replaces entirely.

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