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"50% of all callers hang up after just 45 seconds of waiting on-hold" - Source: Avaya

OrderlyQ means your callers never have to wait on hold in a queue - now there's a better way...

"50% of customers complain about queuing" - Source: Performix

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What it is:

OrderlyQ is a bolt-on for Asterisk queues using the Asterisk Manager API and Asterisk FastAGI protocols. It works with your existing Asterisk queues. OrderlyQ can also protect other VOIP and PSTN PBXs and phones too, and provide its own queue service where none exists.

OrderlyQ is provided by Orderly Software, the makers of the Open-Source OrderlyCalls Asterisk CTI project.

What it does:

OrderlyQ deploys automatically whenever there are too many incoming calls to handle. Instead of waiting on-hold, or hearing the engaged tone, your callers hear a message telling them they can stay on hold, or call back in, say, seven minutes, when they will be at the front of the queue. It couldn't be simpler, and:

  • Your callers will be grateful that their time, and money, is not being wasted any more.

  • You'll save money on your telecoms costs

  • You can cope with spikes in demand with less agents, if you want to.

The OrderlyQ approach gives you all the advantages of agent-call-back queue systems at a fraction of the cost, and with none of the disadvantages.

Because your callers know when they will be answered, and do not have to spend this time waiting on hold in a queue, they are happy to wait longer during busy periods, so customer retention is increased. This also means you can stop staffing-for-peaks.

Furthermore, because it's always the customer that calls you, you know they'll be ready when they speak to your agents when they get to the front of the queue.

We can even Text your customers to tell them when they reach the front of the queue.

There's no limit on the number of customers that can be held in the queue, and it's first-come, first-served, so you can cope fairly with very sudden, very large spikes in demand (such as selling tickets to major events) with just a few agents and/or phone lines.

How to get it:

We can run OrderlyQ for you as a hassle-free managed service, to work with any phone or queue system in the world, without the need for costly equipment. Or, you can install OrderlyQ as part of your telephony infrastructure to leverage tighter integration and further cost savings.

Our patented queue system is designed to help everyone, so whether you're a small business with a single phone line having trouble with the Monday morning rush, or a call centre with hundreds of operators, we've got a solution that's right for you.

Your callers will thank you for choosing OrderlyQ.

For further details about our queue system, please visit our web site, or call us on +44 845 0045 413

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