OrderlyStats is a dedicated Real Time Call Center Management platform and Statistics package. Digium use it in their own call center.

Visit our web site: www.www.orderlyq.com/solutions/orderlystats

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  • Daily Email Summary Reports,
  • Support for SSL connections,
  • Agent Tool Bar, supports Log In/Out and Pause/Resume for wrap up,
  • Staffing Chart shows requirements vs. deployment across the day.
OrderlyStats Realtime Control Panel - for full visibility across your call center.OrderlyStats Live Agents Page - instantly log in and redeploy agents across queues.

OrderlyStats offers full real-time (synchronous, message based) display of all caller and agent events, so you can see what's happening in your call center as it happens.

With the information provided by OrderlyStats, you can assess the call routing capabilities of the call center as a whole, as well as break down performance on an agent-by-agent and/or queue-by-queue basis. Furthermore, valuable insights into call trends and customer behaviour can be learned, and shared throughout your business.
Track call center effectiveness accross hours, days, weeks or monthsTrack caller trends across queues and campaigns.

OrderlyStats helps you:
  • Assess impact of new technologies and changes,
  • Reward high-performing agents,
  • Adapt shift times to meet periods of high demand,
  • Identify personnel in need of training, and
  • Monitor call center improvements over time.
Searchable, Drillable Call-By-Call Logging Resolution.Study variance as well as mean for key indicators.

By identifying calling trends in the short, medium and long term, you can measure response to advertising and media campaigns.
Customisable, Live wallboard for your Call Center displays.Mini-view shows Key Performance Indicators at a glance.

Agent Toolbar lets agent Log In and Log Out, Pause/Resume for Wrap-Up, Screen Pops, NoteCodes and more...Agent reports lets Call Center Manager reward high-performing agents, or identify those agents in need of training.

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