Outbound Call Center

An outbound call center is a call center that makes outgoing phone calls to clients and consumers.

Outbound call centers contact consumers on behalf of a business, and may sell a product, fund-raise, or conduct surveys.

Uses for an outbound call center:
  • telemarketing, lead generation
  • emergency messaging and emergency services dispatch
  • surveys, customer feedback, market research
  • debt collection
  • fraud prevention and outbound credit card services
  • account or subscription upgrades and renewals

Many businesses contract an external company to run an outbound call center. A business can reduce costs by paying only for the service of an outbound call center, rather than paying for employees and telecom hardware directly.

While outbound call centers and inbound call centers have different purposes, many call center companies offer both services and divide the labor to be cost-effective.

If an outbound call center is contracted outside its country to serve a business or consumers elsewhere, it is also an offshore call center.

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