Outbound Provider addition for ComtelPBX

1) Setup Rating Database:

1.1) Add Provider name in rating.providers
1.2) Add Trunk info in rating.trunks
1.3) Add records in rating.outbound_routes table

2) Setup Entries in ComtelPBX Database:

2.1) Add records in comtelpbx.obprovidertrunks dialplan table
2.2) Add SIP Peer in comtelpbx.sip_users
2.3) Add DB entries in provider_map table

3) Setup ComtelPBX Server Flat Files:

3.1) Add switch entries on realtime dialplan in extensions.conf
3.2) Add SIP configuration entry in /etc/carriers.conf file or IAX entry in /etc/iax.conf
Created by: mglucksmann, Last modification: Tue 18 of Mar, 2008 (17:22 UTC)
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